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Decántalo with the food provision
Coviran Supermarket launches our Social Round Up
New mattresses for orphans in Mozambique
New agreement with Fundación Lealtad
Today is the International Food Day
Emergency campaign in Indonesia
Ticketmaster supports breast cancer patients

Decántalo with the food provision


A couple of days ago, the customers of Decántalo completed the challenge of raising the necessary amount so that 30 people with disabilities could perform assisted therapy sessions with horses through the entity GLOBAL HUMANITARIA. You can remember the project HERE.

Thes next challenge is to achieve that 50 people at risk of social exclusion, receive a balanced and nutritious daily meal for, at least, a month and a half.  

logo_nutricion_sin_fronterasThey will do so together with Nutrición Sin Fronteras, entity that provides food to social centers through the program “Barcelona shares food”, an initiative to take advantage of food cooked surplus of hotels in the city. The entity deals with the transport of the same and performs training to food handlers, ensuring optimal conditions of hygiene and food safety throughout the process.

Thanks to the entire work circuit, it is possible to achieve the objective of reducing food waste and protecting the universal right to food for citizens living in poverty.

Remember that, if you want, you can have more information or follow the donation process lively HERE.

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Coviran Supermarket launches our Social Round Up

50 Coviran Supermarkets offer their customers the option to round up their ticket and donate their cents to a social cause.

As many of you know, last spring Coviran Supermarkets, launched the Social Round Up in some of their establishments and its reception was more than satisfactory: 46% of customers who paid by card rounded up their purchase.

Starting today, 50 more Covirán centers join the Social Round Up campaign and all their customers who pay with credit card, will have the opportunity to round up their ticket and donate their cents to a social cause.   Round_up_Worldcoo

 The project: #OneNameOneLife

UNICEFThe total amount collected by the customers of Covirán will go directly to “#UnNOmbreUnaVida” (“#OneNameOneLife”), an iniciative presented this week by UNICEF Spanish Comittee with the aim of increasing the survival rated of babies under one month.

Did you know that about 7,000 newborns die every day, many of them without ever having a name?

The reason is because, in some countries of the world, where life expectancy is very low, there are parents who don’t name their babies because they think it will be easier to forget them if they do not survive. The first month of life is the most crucial for children’s survival, but every year 2.5 million babies die before completing it.

If urgent measures are not taken, approximately 28 million newborns will die by 2030, most of them due to premature births, complications during childbirth or infections such as sepsis, pneumonia or meningitis.

80% of these newborns – 5,600 babies every day – can be saved thanks to simple and low-cost solutions such as a vaccine, a mosquito net, a thermal blanket or an antibiotic. Therefore, UNICEF Spanish Committee launches the campaign for the survival of newborns #UnNombreUnaVida, whose goal is that all babies have a name and a life to live and enjoy.


Through the Solidarity Roundup, Covirán customers will have the opportunity to collaborate to make it happen.

  • With only 50 cents, the entity will be able to vaccinate 1 child against polio.
  • With € 1, 5 children can be vaccinated against tuberculosis.

If you want, you can get the status of live collection or get more information about the campaign in THIS LINK.

Establishment with cause

alimentació_anglesThrough this new agreement, Covirán incorporates the stamp of “Establishment with cause” in its more than 50 supermarkets, a distinction we give to those companies that bet on new models of solidarity collection and that, through small donations, manage to help large causes.


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New mattresses for orphans in Mozambique


In Mozambique, more than two million kids have lost their parents, most of them, due to infectious diseases such as AIDS.

logoThe need to take care and help those kids is so big that the South Mozambique Foundation has created a shelter – La Casa do Gaiato – in the South of the country. In total, it welcomes around 160 children and young people who they also proportionate human, academic and professional education.

One of the main needs that they have now is the lack of mattresses where the little ones can rest and sleep, and Maxcolchon will help them to get it.

After completing their last project, with which they helped make Timothy’s dream come true (you can remember it here), all customers who buy a rest product through their website, will have the option to add a social euro to their purchase and collaborate with the Mozambique South Foundation.

In addition, the company will donate the same amount that will be collected among all micro-donations made by Maxcolchon’s clients until the financing of the project is completed.

Thanks to this, the entity will be able to acquire 32 mattresses that will help children and young people of Casa do Gaiato to rest as they should.

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Would you like to know the fundraising campaign current status? Click HERE.

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New agreement with Fundación Lealtad


fundación-lealtad (1)This week we have signed a new collaboration agreement with the Lealtad Foundation, a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the trust of society in NGOs to achieve an increase in donations, as well as any other type of collaboration. The foundation concedes the stamp of NGO certified to those organizations analyzed that fully comply with the 9 principles of transparency and good practices.

Through the collaboration agreement that we started this week, we have included the certified NGO stamp along with the projects that are carried out by the NGOs with which we collaborate and that are already accredited by the Foundation Loyalty. The objective is to highlight the commitment to the principles of transparency and good practices that govern our day to day, as well as to increase our field of action among all those entities that have already been accredited.

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Today is the International Food Day

Nearly 40 years ago, the  Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) designed the 16th of October as the  World Food Day with the aim of to raise awareness of society about the world food problem and promote solidarity against hunger, malnutrition and poverty.

Numbers confirm that the number of people suffering from hunger int the world is increasing, reaching 821 million people worldwide, that is, one in nine. In addition, FAO warns that more than 150 million children suffer from stunting due to the difficulty access to proper nutrition.

As you know, one of the causes that we support is to end hunger and malnutrition in the world, one of the Sustainable Developmnt Goals for 2030. There are many companies that through our widget contribute to eradicate famine in the world.

Some of them…?


  • sabadellBanco Sabadell employees can make a micro-donation by making a bank transparency from their ebanking and collaborate with Educo with the main objective that children  at risk of social exclusion receive, at least, a complete, healthy and balanced meal a day.  Did you know that in Spain more than 2 million children are at risk of poverty and suffer from malnutrition? The objective of the campaign is to ensure that children living at risk eat each day for a year in the cafeteria of their school through the program “Scholarships Comedor de Educo”. You can follow the project HERE.
  • planeta huertoThe customers of Planeta Huerto can add a solidarity euro to their shopping cart and collaborate with Save the Children so that 210 households in Mauritania that have lost their harvests due to the drought receive seeds to plant in the following season. The objective is to provide the necessary resources so that families can cope with the drought and lack of food that the country suffers for several years. You can follow the donation process of this project HERE.
  • bonpreuCustomers of Supermarkets “Bon Preu i Esclat” can exchange the money accumulated on their customer card and make a donation to “Nutrició Sense Fronteres“. The objective that has been proposed by the company is that 50 people who use the dining room that leads the entity can receive a balanced and nutritious daily meal for a month. You can follow the project HERE.


Equipo Worldcoo

Emergency campaign in Indonesia


Last Friday 28th, an earthquake of magnitude 7.5 on the Richter scale followed by a violent tsunami, shook the island of Celebes, in the center of Indonesia and caused a very severe situation for its population.

One week later, the National Agency for Disaster Management of Indonesia (BNPB) has updated the balance of deaths due to the earthquake and tsunami with more than 1,500 deceaseds. In addition, there are about 800 people seriously injured in different hospital centers. The numbers of affected people are increasing and there are still a large number of isolated populations.

FAVOR_UNICEFIn front of this catastrophe, UNICEF is giving aid to affected people, with special focus on children who, after a tragedy like this, are the most vulnerable and the action that is taken after the first days is crucial for them.

For this reason, we have activated three emergency campaigns so that customers and employees of Banco Sabadell, Nicequest y PcComponentes can make a micro-donation and collaborate with the UNICEF Spanish Committee with the objective of reuniting children with their families, providing services doctors, ensure access to food, distribute water and sanitation to prevent diseases and promote the return to school as soon as possible.


All the money collected by customers and employees of Banco Sabadell, Nicequest and PcComponentes will go to the UNICEF Spanish Committee. To give some example…

  • With € 60, the entity will be able to provide drinking water to 530 children for a week.
  • With € 90 they will be able to send 3 first aid kits.
  • With € 120, they will be able to send 2 family water and hygiene kits to collect, store and treat water in an emergency situation.

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Ticketmaster supports breast cancer patients


As many of you know, the October 19th takes place the International Breast Cancer Day, the most common cancer in women. There are about 1.38 million new cases and 458 000 deaths from breast cancer each year (IARC Globocan, 2008).

The diagnosis of cancer has serious consequences for the person diagnosed and their family emotionally, economically and socially.

That is why the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) carries out various accompaniment and psychological support programs so that these people have the support they need from professionals and volunteers, completely free of charge.

In line with the “Charity Euro” Ticketmaster campaign, during October, the company supports this social cause which will affect, directly or indirectly, to all of us at some point of our lives.


How can I collaborate?

Are you thinking about buying a new ticket for a concert, theatre or sporting event in the coming days? If you do it through Ticketmaster, when you pay for the purchase you have made, you will have the opportunity to add a solidary euro to your shopping cart and collaborate with the AECC so that patients and family members of breast cancer can have the psychological support they need.


Do you want to know how much Ticketmaster customers are raising to fight breast cancer? Click here.

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