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Condis Supermarkets joins our Social Round Up system!

Condis Supermarkets joins our Social Round Up system!

logo-condisSome days ago, we announced that Covirán started to offer their customers the possibility to round up their final ticket and donate the cents to UNICEF Spanish Committee.  Today, we’re happy to share with you that Condis Supermarket have also integrated the Social Round Up to their establishments.

From now on, all the customers of Condis who buy in Catalunya and Madrid will have the opportunity to collaborate with Arrels Foundation or Educo.

How to collaborate?

If you intend to pay by card, the cashier will ask if you want to round the final amount of the purchase and donate the cents to a social cause. If yes, you only have to confirm the action and the round price will be applied. Otherwise, the usual purchase process will be followed. Thus, for example, if the purchase amounts to € 42.70, it will be proposed to pay € 43.

The first project: double collaboration

Logo_Arrels_negreThe clients of the establishments located in Catalonia, will be able to round off the final amount of their purchase and donate the cents to help Arrels Fundació to provide a decent accommodation for homeless people in Barcelona. The entity accompanies these people on their way to autonomy, offering accommodation, food and social and health care.

LOGO-EDUCO-CHILDFUNDThose who do so in centers in Madrid, will collaborate with Educo to offer lunch scholarships to children at risk of poverty and social exclusion. Thanks to this help, it is ensured that the children can access the school canteen and have at least one balanced and complete meal a day.

The customers can follow the donation process or have more information about both projects through THIS LINK.

Establishments with Cause

alimentació_anglesWith the integration of the Social Round Up, Condis receives the “Establishments with Cause” stamp, a distinction which gives information about the companies who collaborate with social causes by card payment.

Are you a retail and would like to integrate the Social Round Up to your establishments?  Contact us and we will give you all the details:

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