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Querol’s customers can Round Up their ticket and collaborate to social causes!

Querol’s customers can Round Up their ticket and collaborate to social causes!

querolThe customers of Zapaterías Querol can now round up the final amount of their purchase and donate their cents to the NGO Manos Unidas in order to improve primary education and the access to water in Kiri, a small village in Burkina Faso.

manos unidasAs you know, The Social Round Up is our new fundraising channel that allows us to donate a few cents when paying by card in physical establishments and that have already implemented companies such as Condis Supermarkets or the Viena restaurants.

Improving primary education and access to water in Kiri, Burkina Faso

The total amount that the customers of Querol collect in their nearly 40 stores will go entirely to the NGO Manos Unidas, a Spanish entity that works in close collaboration with the countries of the South. Its mission is to fight against hunger, underdevelopment and lack of education of the peoples of the South, as well as to work to eradicate the structural causes that produce them.

mans unides-burkina faso

Children in Kiri


Through the financing of this project, 430 children from Kiri (a small village in Burkina Faso) will be able to go to school and the 1,290 inhabitants of the town will have access to drinking water.

And you, do you have a comercial establishment and would like to offer the Social Round Up in your establishments? Contact us through and we will give you all the details.   

Would you like to know more about the Mans Unides project and follow the fundraising status? Click HERE.


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