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Our 2018
New charity challenge for the customers of Hawkers!
Theatre and social inclusion
Sanchez Romero Supermarkets launches its second social challenge
Health assistence to reduce maternal and infant mortality in Bolivia
The Social Round Up presentation

Our 2018


Our Annual Corporate Report is now available

The 2018 has been the year of implementation and consolidation of the Social Round Up as our new fundraising channel for social causes. In total, more than 300 establishments have offered their customers the option to round up their ticket, which has allowed us to achieve more than 260,000 donations.

On the other hand, our fundraising channel for ecommerce, has doubled the number of donations versus the previous year.

The collaboration of the 50 “companies with a cause” that have implemented one of our four fundraising solutions (Social Round Up, Charity Widget, Social Platform and Online Bank) have allowed us to get 444,774 donations.

But the most important thing for us is that all these donations made in 2018 have enabled that 84,000 people from 74 different countries receive help through the 74 campaigns that have been funded, most of all related to health, education and food projects.


We invite you to know a little bit more how has been our 2018 through our Annual Corporate Report HERE.

Worldcoo Team

New charity challenge for the customers of Hawkers!


After financing their last project, with which they collaborated with Unoentrecienmil to support childhood leukemia research (you can remember the project here), the customers of Hawkers start a new charity project.

The cause: Daily meal for children at risk of social exclusionlogo_hawkers

Poverty has serious consequences for children. One of the main problems for families in this situation is nutrition. The lack of resources due to the socioeconomic family situation, as well as the lack of social security benefits such as school food subsidies, lead to 40% of families at risk of social exclusion living in a situation of food insecurity. This puts at risk the correct physical and mental development of the most vulnerable children, those from 3 to 6 years old.

stc_logoIn front of this situation, Save The Children works to reduce the consequences that poverty causes in childhood. For this reason, they provide educational and nutritional support to children who are at risk of social exclusion. Through this project, they will provide food reinforcement to these children and their families.

From now on, the total amount collected by the customers of Hawkers, will be used to provide food reinforcement to these children and their families.


How can I collaborate?

Once selected the product(s) you want to buy, go to your shopping cart.  You will see that under the selected product, you have the option to add 1 social euro to your purchase.  If you wish to collaborate, click on the box and continue with the usual purchase process.


The objective is that 25 Spanish children from 3 and 6 years receive a daily healthy meal during one month.


We remind you that you can follow the donation process by clicking this link.

Worldcoo Team

Theatre and social inclusion


This month, the customers of Ticketmaster collaborate to promote the social inclusion through theatre

logo_ticketmasterFrom now on and during all March, Ticketmaster invites its customers to add €1 to charity and contribute to improve the access to education to children from Antshoamadiro (Madagascar).

In the disadvantaged neighborhoods of Tulear (southwest of Madagascar), the population faces problems such as child prostitution, unwanted pregnancy, gender inequality and disabled people, child labor, school dropouts, etc.

Logo-Agua-de-CocoSINWe’re happy to share with you that we have sgned a new collaboration agreement with “Agua de Coco”, an entity that works for international cooperation since 1994 and from 10 year ago, collaborates for awareness and education to development.

agua de coco

The entity works to provide children with educational opportunities in order to have alternatives to work in the sapphire mines that are in the area. Through theater, the entity tackles the problems of society such as child prostitution, unwanted pregnancy, gender inequality and disabled people, child labor and school dropout.

Thanks to the total amount collected by the customers of Ticketmaster, 350 children from 6 to 15 years old will be schooled.

agua de coco2

As usual, we remind you that you can follow the donation process through THIS LINK.

Worldcoo Team

Sanchez Romero Supermarkets launches its second social challenge

On this occasion, their clients will be able to donate their cents to collaborate with the Down Syndrome Foundation in Madrid.

logosrSince this year, the customers of Sanchez Romero Supermarkets can also round up their final ticket and donate their cents to many causes.  Under the Social Round Up camaign, the customers of the company have already raised more than €5,000 to collaborate with CRIS Cáncer to boost the medical research of breast cancer.

logo_downmadridNow, they start a new charity challenge and they collaborate with  Down Syndrome Foundation in Madrid, entity that facilitates the integration of people with Down Syndrome in the family, school, work and social environment with the aim of improving their life quality.

Due to their anatomical and physiological characteristics, children with Down syndrome are more susceptible to suffering from certain types of respiratory and digestive pathologies, which often result in hospital admission with all the complications that this entails.

The goal is to raise the necessary amount so that children with Down Syndrome can access to 100 grants that allow the respiratory and digestive treatments to improve their life quality.


For those who want to get more information about the project, know the current fundraising status or obtain their donation certificate, click HERE.


Worldcoo Team

Health assistence to reduce maternal and infant mortality in Bolivia


After collaborating with Juegaterapia in order to renew the Pediatric Hemato-Oncology plant of La Paz University Hospital in Madrid (you remember the project HERE), the customers of Promofarma start a new challenge today.

Did you know that Bolivia has one of the  highest percentages of maternal and infant mortality in Latin America with a child mortality rate of 42 deaths per 1,000 live births?

logo_medicosThrough this new challenge, those customers of Promofarma who want it, will be able to collaborate with Médicos del Mundo by adding €1 charity in their shopping basket, with the objective of reduce the maternal and child mortality in Bolivia.

One of the problems is that indigenous women and men have a conception completely different from the Western one when it comes to childbirth. To overcome the resistance to having their children out of their homes and with the aim of reducing maternal and infant mortality, Médicos del Mundo has adapted hospitals with rooms equipped according to indigenous traditions where medical personnel and midwives work together.

Thanks to these intercultural births, infant mortality has decreased in the last three years. With this project you will help reduce maternal and infant mortality.


Thanks to the amount collected by the customers of Promofarma 492 women and 46 men can be assisted and you will help reduce maternal and infant mortality in Bolivia.

If you want, you can follow the donation process though THIS LINK.


Worldcoo Team 

The Social Round Up presentation


Yesterday afternoon, we celebrate the presentation of the Social Round Up, our new fundraising mechanism that has already helped us to collect more than 900,000 donations thanks to the 500 commercial establishments who already offer their customers the option to round up their ticket for charity.

During the event, that brought together more than 150 people, we listened the experience of some of the companies that have already implemented this new channel, such as Condis, Viena or the Bon Preu Group, as well as the beneficiary entities of the new channel, such as “Arrels“, Educo, Pasqual Maragall Foundation and “Casal dels Infants“.


Although each of them explained their own experience from the business and social point of view; all of them highlighted the good reception of Solidarity Rounding by the clients. In fact, the first surveys conducted show that 83% of people who donated would do it again. Proof of this is that since last year, more than €300,000 have been collected so far.

In addition, Alfred Vernis, Director of Sustainability of Intitex and ESADE professor, explained the importance of social actions and the relationship of companies with social entities, and Elisabet Carnicé, journalist and presenter, made that the event conduction was a success.


All this happened in the “Antiga Fàbrica d’Estrella Damm“, the support of Diari Ara and Corresponsables.


Worldcoo Team


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