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Conservation of chimpanzees and biodiversity in Senegal

Conservation of chimpanzees and biodiversity in Senegal


Did you know that the chimpanzee of West Africa is at risk of extinction? In Senegal, it is estimated that its population is about 500 individuals.

planeta huertoAfter raising the necessary funds to facilitate the access to drinking water in Tanzania (you can remember the project here), now the customers of Planeta Huerto can add €1 for charity and collaborate with the Jane Goodall Institute.

The new project, which they have recently started, has the objective to establish and implement protection measures that help to protect 3 communities of chimpanzees of a subspecies in critical state of extinction. Deforestation and habitat fragmentation due to human activities are the main factors that threaten their disappearance.

LOGO_03 vertical pngSince 2009 the Jane Goodall Institute has developed conservation and investigation programs for wild chimpanzees in the Dindéfélo Community Natural Reserve (southern Senegal), as well as sustainable development projects and environmental education with local communities.

All the clients of Planeta Huerto that collaborate with the campaign, will contribute in the protection of the habitat of the chimpanzee through the accomplishment and implementation of a plan of the protection of the habitat, such as the creation of firebreaks and the sensitization of the local population.

You can have more information about the project and the raising process HERE.

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