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Sanchez Romero offers Social Round Up in favor of Acción Contra el Hambre

Sanchez Romero offers Social Round Up in favor of Acción Contra el Hambre

Their customers can collaborate to improve the nutrition of the rural population in Peru

logo_sr_solidarioSince now, the customers of Sanchez Romero Supermarket have had the opportunity to collaborate with Saniclown, Down Madrid and CRIS Cáncer. In total, they’ve raised more than €16,000 through the micro-donations done y rounding up their purchase.

From now on, the social organization which will receive the funds is Acción Contra el Hambre.

The project: Improve the nutrition in rural zones in Peru

In Peru, nearly 50% of children have anemia, one of the most silence signs of malnutrition and a health problem that affects the proper development of children.

Acción_contra_el_Hambre_PNGWith the aim of reducing this health problem, Acción Contra el Hambre carries out community work to implement activities for the prevention and control of this health situation, especially among the most vulnerable groups. In parallel, the entity carries out actions to promote ancestral techniques that improve the availability and access of iron-rich foods in the home.




Now, the customers of Sanchez Romero can round up their purchase and contribute to reduce the anemia of the children in the Region of Huamanguilla, in Perú.

In you will find more information about this campaign and the other ones that Sanchez Romero have collaborated with through the Social Round Up.

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