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Viena launches its 2nd campaign through Social Round Up
Access to drinking water for displaced people in South Sudan
2 million donations made though Worldcoo!
Ticketmaster with the rescue and assistance to marine fauna

Viena launches its 2nd campaign through Social Round Up

The new campaign, “Cent to cent, we make future”, invites to collaborate with Gasol Foundation when paying with card


LOGO VIENAAs you know, since the end of last year, all the customers of Viena that pay with card have the opportunity to round up the total amount of their purchase and donate their cents to a social cause. Until now, they have been collaborating in favor of the Pasqual Maragall Foundation. In total, they have raised more than €235,000! This contribution will help the organization to implement a new Research Unit in the Prevention of Dementia, a pioneering project promoted by the same organization. From here, we would like to THANK all the “Viennese” people who have made it possible!

The new project: promote and support scientific research in the field of child health

logo_gasol_foundationViena launches a new social project this week. On this occasion, the objective is to collaborate with the Gasol Foundation to carry out a new study – called PASOS- that will help to know the habits and lifestyle of Spanish children and teenagers.

Did you know that 80% of young people doesn’t have a sufficient level of physical activity? (OMS 2018)

The results obtained from the PASOS study will help establish some lines of action for children’s health according to the reality and the identified needs, always with the objective of combating the sedentary lifestyle of children and the little physical activity.


We remind you that, if you want, you can get more information about this project and check the fundraising status through this link:

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Access to drinking water for displaced people in South Sudan


The customers of Promofarma start a new fundraising campaign in order to collaborate with ACNUR/UNHCR.

More than a third of the 12 million citizens of South Sudan are displaced, and more than a half of the population is affected by the crisis in the country.

Promofarma_LOGOThe customers of Promofarma have already raised the necessary funds so that Médicos del Mundo can improve the delivery room facilities in Bolivia and reduce maternal and child mortality in the country (you can remember the project here). Now, they start a new social challenge with the main aim of ensure that displace people from South Sudan have access to drinking water.

Vertic300All the funds collected will go to ACNUR. The political and security situation in the country remains unstable and armed conflicts persist, as well as assassinations, kidnappings, rapes and a general state of anarchy. UNHCR is assisting people who are in a situation of vulnerability due to the ongoing emergency and responding to basic needs.

The organization is working to extend the water supply network, rehabilitating at least 50% of the existing water points and protecting 70% of the water supply facilities.

The main purpose of Promofarma is to raise up to €3,000. With this amount, 500 refugees will benefit from drinking water systems for one year.

We remind you that you can get more information about this campaign and check the fundraising status HERE.

Worldcoo Team

2 million donations made though Worldcoo!


2MWe are proud to announce that this year we have already reached more than 2 million donations made through some of the different fundraising channels that we have for all the on and off line companies who collaborate with us.

Aladina Foundation, Saniclown, Educo or Adsis are some of the latest organizations that have been beneficiaries from the different fundraising campaigns companies such as Ticketmaster, Condis, Hawkers or Bonpreu i Esclat have carried out.

The good reception that our Social Round Up channel have had, has been a key aspect to achieve these results. As you know, the tool allows to round up the total amount of our purchase and donate the cents to a social cause in an easy, transparent and effective manner.

Cent to cent, together, we have achieved this result that will contribute to help those who need it the most.

THANK YOU everyone for making it possible!



Worldcoo Team

Ticketmaster with the rescue and assistance to marine fauna


We’re super happy to announce a new collaboration with CRAM Foundation (Foundation to the Conservation and Recuperation of marina fauna)!

logo-cram-certificado-donacionCRAM Foundation is an organization dedicated to the protection of the marine environment and the species that inhabit it. To the foundation’s actions belong the clinic and rescue of marine fauna, the research and conservation of marine species and ecosystems, and the awareness in favor of the conservation of our seas and oceans.

The CRAM has prepared a recovery center especially for assistance to marine species. It also owns a scientific sailboat dedicated to the exploration of the marine environment. Their job contributes to increase the chances of survival of the threatened marine species that appear on the Catalan coast.

This is the first time that we collaborate with them and, for this, we couldn’t have chosen a better partner: Ticketmaster.

Coinciding with the International Environment Day (June 5) and with the International Oceans Day (June 8), during all this month, the customers of Ticketmaster who want, will have the chance to contribute to this social cause together with CRAM Foundation with the main aim of rescuing turtles, dolphins, seabirds and other sea animals.


As you know, in order to collaborate, the customers of Ticketmaster just have to add €1 for charity in their purchase and continue with the usual payment process.


If you want, you can get more information about this project HERE.

Worldcoo Team

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