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More than 50,000,000 donations throughout Worldcoo’s history
Worldcoo recognised as a B Corp Best For The World™
The Charity Rounding Up available in General Optica stores!
Worldcoo’s Anual Report 2021
New collaboration agreements with 5 social organizations
Worldcoo registra más de 20 millones de donaciones solidarias durante el 2021
New collaboration agreements with social organizations

Worldcoo recognised as a B Corp Best For The World™

Worldcoo has been recognised as Best For The World™ 2022 for outstanding Customer impact!

This is the sixth consecutive year that Worldcoo has received this recognition.

Gràfica BFTW22


Worldcoo, a B Corp company, has been named Best for the World 2022™ for the sixth consecutive year in recognition of its exceptional positive impact in the Customer area. Best for the World is a distinction awarded by B Lab to B Corps that are part of the 5% of B Corps with the highest verified score in any of the five impact areas measured in the B Impact Assessment (community, customers, environment, government and workers).

Worldcoo technology enables e-commerce and corporations with local or global reach to engage an increasingly conscious consumer to achieve significant social impact day after day. Worldcoo obtained this honor, thanks to initiatives such as the launch of Charity Rounding Up or other social fundraising channels, which have the objective of helping social and environmental entities to promote their projects throughout the world.

Today, there are more than 5,000 B Corps in 80 countries and 155 industries, united by a common goal: to build an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economic system.

Complete lists are available at

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The Charity Rounding Up available in General Optica stores!

GOWe are very happy to announce that since some days ago, all the General Optica stores in Spain offer the opportunity to make a small donation each time that customers pay with card and collaborate with a social cause.

How it works

After introducing the payment card, the pinpad ask if the customer whats to add few cents to their purchase. In order to collaborate, customers must press the green button and continue with the usual payment process.

The charity project: ophthalmological care for children at risk of exclusion

FBAll the donations raised through the Charuty Rounding Up will go to Fundación Barraquer, organization that facilitates the access to ophtalmological care for people at risk of social exclusion.

Through the “Miramos por ti” program, the organization provides free ophthalmological and optometric assistance to people in vulnerable situations.


Visit in order to have more information about the project.

Worldcoo Team

Worldcoo’s Anual Report 2021

A journey through our last year

Here you have our Anual Report 2021, a year in which we have doubled the number of donations made compared to the previous year. The sum of all these small micro-donations made in different shops has raised more than 4 million euros, which will help fund 116 different social and environmental projects around the world.

We are very happy to have been able to offer help to various social causes that have needed it this year, marked by the consequences of the Covid pandemic. And also to have been able to offer immediate help to people affected by other climate emergencies that have occurred in recent months, such as the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano on the island of La Palma, or the floods that took place in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

This 2021 has also been very special because we have made the leap to Andorra, with the help of Univers Bomosa. And we have presented the first fundraising campaign in the Principality with the help of one of the leading telecommunications companies in the count.

We explain you everything in OUR ANUAL REPORT.

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Worldcoo Team


New collaboration agreements with 5 social organizations

We start this 2022 with the signing of new collaboration agreements with 5 different social organizations.   These are:

entitats gener

  • También” Foundation, organization that works for the social inclusion of people with disabilities and the promotion of educational values ​​in adapted sports activities, leisure and free time.
  • Querer” Foudation, an organization dedicated to education, research, dissemination and social awareness related to children with special educational needs derived from their neurological diseases, and who specifically suffer from a Language Disorder as a consequence of their diseases and/or disorders.
  • Ateneu Sant Roc” Foundation, that promotes different educational, cultural and social projects aimed at boys, girls, young people and adults to achieve social cohesion in the Sant Roc area of ​​Badalona (Barcelona).
  • MENTAL HEALTH SPAIN Confederation,  that was born to improve the adoption of all measures that contribute to improving the quality of life of people with mental disorders and their families, defend their rights and represent the associative movement created around health mental.
  • Associació de Malalties Minoritàries d’Andorra (Andorra Association of Minority Diseases), has the purpose of contribuing to the dissemination and knowledge of minority diseases in Andorra, defending the rights of those affected and guiding and helping families.


Welcome to Worldcoo’s community to all of them!

Worldcoo Team

Worldcoo registra más de 20 millones de donaciones solidarias durante el 2021

Este pasado 2021 Worldcoo ha registrado un total de 20.071.771 donaciones solidarias a lo largo del 2021, casi el doble que durante el año anterior.  

El Redondeo Solidario ha estado presente en más de 4.300 establecimientos comerciales durante el último año, hecho que ha permitido recaudar 4.060.600 euros que se han destinado a 116 proyectos sociales de 40 entidades sociales diferentes: la inclusión social y laboral de mujeres en riesgo de exclusión social, la mejora del bienestar de personas que tienen cáncer, la preservación de bosques centenarios, proporcionar alojamiento a personas sin hogar, dar soporte y acompañar a jóvenes con problemas de salud mental o promover la inclusión social de niños y niñas con autismo con algunos ejemplos. También se ha tenido ocasión de dar soporte a campañas de emergencia como es la ayuda a personas damnificadas por la erupción del volcán Cumbre Vieja, en la isla de la Palma.

Algunas de las entidades sociales a las que se ha dado soporte han sido la Fundación Ared, Save the Children, ECODES, Pallapupas, Cáritas, Aldeas Infantiles SOS, Cruz Roja, la Fundación Pasqual Maragall, etc.

Comparado con el año anterior -2020- este último año se han realizado casi el doble de donaciones (20.071.771 versus 11.078.484), cifra que también se ha visto reflejada en el importe total recaudado (4.060.600 versus 2.662.325 euros).

El Redondeo Solidario es un canal de recaudación de fondos sociales que permite redondear el importe final de la compra cada vez que se utiliza la tarjeta como método de pago en establecimientos comerciales físicos. Empresas como Eroski, Caprabo, Condis, El Grupo Bon Preu, a través de les enseñas Bonpreu i Esclat, Muy Mucho, Viena, All We Wear Group, Correos o Wala, entre otros, ya ofrecen esta opción a sus clientes, que pueden hacer micro donaciones para diferentes proyectos sociales de forma puntual, fácil y transparente.

Worldcoo colabora con más de 500 ONGs de todo el mundo con el objetivo de ayudar a las organizaciones a encontrar los recursos económicos necesarios para impulsar sus proyectos sociales y medioambientales en todo el mundo. El objetivo de la compañía de cara a este 2022 es el de consolidar la herramienta en países como Portugal y Andorra, donde ha empezado a colaborar en los últimos meses, así como Ecuador e Italia.

New collaboration agreements with social organizations

Last December, we  signed new collaboration agreements with 6 new social and environmental organizations. These are:

entidades diciembre

  • Street Child Italia, organization that was born with the objective of creating quality educational opportunities for the most vulnerable children in the most remote areas of Africa and Asia.
  • Ecos do Sur, NGO that works to make migrations bear fruit in a society that is more prosperous, fairr and proud of its diversity.
  • Mundukide, that promotes promotes sustainable socio-economic development to improve people’s lives in a cooperative way.
  • Asociación Esclerosis Múltiple Navarra, organization that aims to provide people diagnosed with MS and neurodegenerative diseases, as well as their families, adequate care for their needs in order to improve their quality of life.
  • Fundació Josep Irla, organization that studies, debates and reflects on the society of the Catalan Countries.
  • Associació in via, since 1953 works for the comprehensive promotion of people in situations of maximum vulnerability and risk of social exclusion, especially with women and families who are survivors of sexist violence.

Welcome to Worldcoo’s community to all of them!

Worldcoo Team

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