6.9 million Children need you

Every year 6.9 million children do not live for their 5th birthday. Malnutrition is one of its most important causes: it contributes to 1/3 of these deaths. That means 2.3 million children die per year as a consequence of malnutrition, because it provokes high risk of disease besides other symptoms.

Worldcoo is aware of that, and wants to take care of it. It is looking for a solution because these children have the chance to celebrate their 5th birthday. And their 6th. And their 7th. And following.

This is why Worldcoo has met the NGO Nutrition Without Borders who, in a few, is presenting a new project in Worldcoo’s platform. The aim of this project is to increase food security for the mothers and children through training and improving the infrastructure of the selected community gardens of the Upper River Region, Republic of The Gambia.

This project is part of the context of an overall strategy to reduce morbidity and mortality caused by maternal and child malnutrition in the same region (206.588 inhabitants and 22% of child malnutrition). Tomorrow you will find all the information in Worldcoo’s website.

Worldcoo and Nutrition Without Borders NGO did their work. Now it’s your turn.

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