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nuevologomascoterosOur friends from Mascoteros, the online shop for pets and animals, have proved being one of the most social committed. Few days ago, we announced that they had completed their first challenge, in which they have helped Daina Foundation to fight against the abandonment of elderly dogs.  Crispín, Conan or Atila were some of the dogs that they helped with all their contributions. If you want, you can remember the project HERE.

In this second occasions, they will collaborate with Amigos del Perro Foundation, an entity that develops different activities, from the collection of abandoned animals, until the reintegration of the same ones in new families through the adoption.

logo_whiteSometimes, when abandoned dogs are collected, they need a more specific environment than a cage, either because they are ill, are older, are a puppy, or need surgery after which they require monitoring and medication control. There are also animals that need socialization and education. In all these cases, a foster house is the solution.

Fosters houses are also very important in cases where the dog is already booked but it will take some time until it is collected. During this time, the dog is educated and socialized so that when he reaches his new family, the adaptation is easy and fast.

The new challenge of Mascoteros will be now ensure the maintenance and veterinary care in the Foster Home to abandoned dogs and promote their adoption.

Remember that you can follow the donation process HERE.

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