A little NGO with a huge heart

Sunrise Africa is a micro-ONG which aim to help 32 Ghanaian boys and girls to shape their own future, their life, and their hope.

Even if this NGO is not that big, they have a huge aim. They want to offer these children these opportunity to give them ambition. Everybody on earth is capable to do great things. So if you provide the rights tools to a child, his future will be sustainably better. Without help, these children will not be able to develop their potential, and they have!

Sunrise Africa cover all children’s needs as regards food, health, education, clothing, and care (by enabling them to spend more time with their families as well as through the Summer Hosting Scheme). They also provide assistance to the children’s families by way of arranging for medical assistance, and arrange a micro loan to enable them to lead a decent life.

According to Sunrise “The objective is that it be through THEIR EFFORTS that they shape THEIR FUTURE. THEIR EFFORTS combined with our assistance; but they will have to put in their share.”

We agree over 100% with that, and you? Support the project on Worldcoo!

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