We have another funded project…now we have 14 projects funded! School Lunchroom Program Educo.org together with redcoon.es

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Today we have funded the ‘School Lunchroom Program’ of Educo.org NGO, via our e-commerce partner redcoon.es and its customers.

Initially, we were looking for 3.500€ and then we sized the project to 4.500€. Today we get all the funds, 4.500€. So, thanks to the solidarity and generosity of Redcoon’s customers we can fund 1,800 meals for kids in exclusion risk.

The aim is to strengthen its commitment to a cause that is dramatically affecting the Spanish population. Every three minutes a child in Spain falls at risk of poverty and one in four children are malnourished and do not get a balanced meal a day. In a period of just two years, between 2008 and 2012, child poverty rates have increased by 200,000; which are even poorer than they already were before the crisis. Educo.org is in contact with public schools that have identified the most vulnerable students through reports from social services and who have a signed agreement to receive aid in the form of scholarship dining. So far they have contacted schools in 17 regions but there are still many that need support.

Thanks @ redcoon.es for not abandoning the cause and its users for their infinite solidarity and commitment!

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