Art and youth labor insertion

As you know, since some months, Ticketmaster offer their customers the option to donate one social euro when they buy their tickets and collaborate with social causes; each one, one different.

vocesThis may, Ticketmaster will collaboratw with Voces Foundation in order to facilitate the labor insertion of young people at risk of social exclusion through art.

Nobody better than Ticketmaster to attest that culture is a tool of social cohesion that stimulates citizen participation, generates opportunities for economic development and for the reduction of poverty.

In that sense, Voces Foundation takes culture as a basis for social change and it’s committed to improving the socio-personal and professional positioning of young people at risk.

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logo_ticketmasterThanks to the donations received through Ticketmaster, the Foundation will organize the recording of a short film with the participation of young people at social risk of exclusion in Cañada Real (Madrid). The objective is to offer social and professional training through creative tools and written expression.

This is an extremely important challenge if we take into account that, according to the INE, in Spain more than 40% of people under 25 are unemployed.

The challenge of May will be to raise the necessary capital so that 100 young people at risk of social exclusion can participate in the recording of a film short film, favors their development and access to the labor market.

Don’t forget that you can follow the donation process HERE.

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