B-Corp. How to be the best business for the world?

Yesterday, 16th of June, we got together in the IESE Business School in Barcelona with five businesses that all have one thing in common, all of us are pioneers and we are leading the B-Corp movement in Spain.

The purpose of this meeting was to show the assistants how their organization can be a part of a movement that is being extended around the world. However, the most important thing was to show how their organization could become one of the best businesses for the world.

The companies that participated in this event with us were:

  • Grupo Construcia
  • DBS Screening
  • 1000 Friends
  • Alma Natura

B the Change

The schedule of events was:

First of all, Pablo Sánchez of Roots for Sustainability, made a presentation about the B Corp movement. Then, he talked about a B Corp International experience. Afterwards, Joan Fontrodona, the teacher of Business Ethics and Analysis at the IESE Business School, talked.

Before beginning the conferences about B-Talks, Albert Riera of the La Fageda Business, made their contribution to the event.

What does it mean to become a part of the B-Corp movement?

B the force for good

The B-Corp business are a type of company that uses the power of the companies to solve social and environmental problems. Moreover, this companies inspires other companies to compete, not only for be the best in the world, also to be the best for the world.

Be a part of B-Corp means that we are inside a movement that shows that create employment with better quality and improve the quality of our communities, contribute to the company success.

B-Corp in the world

Nowadays, there are 1.280 B-Corps in 45 countries, Patagonia and Etsy are examples. All of these companies have a universal goal: redefine success in business.

We are excited to be a part of the B-Corp movement and to meet other companies that, just as we do, want to be the best for the world.

The Worldcoo team.


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