B Corp officially launched in Spain and we didn’t miss it!

200 attendants, 20 companies and thousands of ideas and people with one only proposal: to change the world.

…OK, now tell me, what B Corp means?B_the_Change

Benefit Corporations (B Corps) is a global movement that brings together companies that are redefining the sense of success in business. This is, companies that combine economic profits and the creation of social and environmental goods, with a strong transparency and corporate responsibility commitment. In conclusion, better companies FOR the world.

We got certification to be part of this “community” of more than 1.700 companies from all over the world just a year ago – you can remember it here-.

Yesterday, we had the great honour to be a part of the official B Corp launch in Spain, where we met the founders companies of B Corp – including us! – and the pioneer leaders in supporting this movement.

Companies such as Triodos Bank, Danone, DKV or Ben & Jerry’s participated in the event, hosted by Roots for Sustainability, Ecodes and B Lab Europe. All this, in one great location: The old Estrella Damm factory, a beer brand very famous here in Spain.

Joan Melé, member of the Triodos Bank Advisory Board, was the responsible to inaugurate the event. Then, we had the chance to participate in three different proceedings:

  • Small companies with great purposes.
  • Visionary and committed leaders.
  • B Corp: global impact.

Finally, the event had a very inspirational and challenging closing thanks to Emma Roca, co-founder of iWopi and B Corp ambassador in Spain.

The icing on the cake was that the meeting generated a social impact too because the profits from the event, are going to be donated – by desire of the public and after the funniest voting that we organized- , to the project  promoted by EDUCO, in order to provide food to children and their families in social exclusion.


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