Belinda, Kobi and Lydia are our first success story

Worldcoo is extremely pleased to report that we have completed our first project!

This project was focusing on three children, Belinda and Kobi, from Ghana, and Lydia from Nigeria. They spent the summer integrating within a Catalan family, being immersed into a different atmosphere, experiencing the culture that Catalunya has to offer and forming ties with another family.

We are thrilled to express that the children thoroughly enjoyed their time here and the bonds they made with their Catalan families were a joy to see. They have now made the safe journey back to their countries where they were overjoyed to find cases that their Catalan families made, containing clothes, food and sweets! The NGO and the families are still involved and will take care of their development, schooling, and their health through financial support and scholarships.

We would like to thank all that were involved within this project and we are looking forward to making our next project as successful!

by Sally Rice.

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