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We celebrate the World Food Day
2 million donations made though Worldcoo!
Our 2018
The Social Round Up presentation
Today is Giving Tuesday!
One week left for #GivingTuesday!
Condis Supermarkets joins our Social Round Up system!
New agreement with Fundación Lealtad
Today is the International Food Day
Collaborate against leukemia in children

We celebrate the World Food Day

Committed with the objective “Zero Hunger” of the SDG

Today, October 16, takes place the World Food Day, an initiative led by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) with the aim of claiming the access to food worldwide.

It is a purpose that coincides with one of the Sustainable Development Goals that the United Nations established for 2030: End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture”.
In Worldcoo there are many companies that since they implemented one of our fundraising solutions, such as the Charity Rouding Up, they have facilitated that their customers and employees could collaborate to achieve the hunger eradication worldwide.

For example, today…

logo_ticketmasterThrough the “Charity Euro” campaign, Ticketmaster Spain offers their customers the option to add €1, €2 or €3 to their tickets each time they buy and collaborate with  ”Acción contra el Hambre” to improve the nutritional situation in rural communities in Peru, where 45% of children has anemia, a health problem that affects on their development and make them more vulnerable to diseases. You can have more information HERE.

logo_sr_solidarioOn the other hand, through the Charity Rouding Up, the customers of Sánchez Romero supermarkets, can round up their purchase each time they pay with card and donate their cents Aldeas Infantiles SOS. The purpose is to distribute a daily snack to children at risk of social exclusion in Spain. You can have more information about the project HERE.


nicequestThe users of Nicequest community can exchange their shells (points that they received each time they participate in surveys) for donations to Un Kilo de Ayuda.  The objective is to distribute fortified milk to children from 0 to 5 years in México, where the 23% of children has anemia. You can read more about the project HERE.

Promofarma_LOGOThe customers of Promofarma can add €1 to their purchase and collaborate with Manos Unidas in order to improve the nutritional care in Haiti, one of the poorest countries on the world, where people lives with less than $2/day. You can read more information about the project HERE.


And you, would you like to join us and allow your customers to collaborate in order to eradicate hunger in the world? Contact us at!

Worldcoo Team

2 million donations made though Worldcoo!


2MWe are proud to announce that this year we have already reached more than 2 million donations made through some of the different fundraising channels that we have for all the on and off line companies who collaborate with us.

Aladina Foundation, Saniclown, Educo or Adsis are some of the latest organizations that have been beneficiaries from the different fundraising campaigns companies such as Ticketmaster, Condis, Hawkers or Bonpreu i Esclat have carried out.

The good reception that our Social Round Up channel have had, has been a key aspect to achieve these results. As you know, the tool allows to round up the total amount of our purchase and donate the cents to a social cause in an easy, transparent and effective manner.

Cent to cent, together, we have achieved this result that will contribute to help those who need it the most.

THANK YOU everyone for making it possible!



Worldcoo Team

Our 2018


Our Annual Corporate Report is now available

The 2018 has been the year of implementation and consolidation of the Social Round Up as our new fundraising channel for social causes. In total, more than 300 establishments have offered their customers the option to round up their ticket, which has allowed us to achieve more than 260,000 donations.

On the other hand, our fundraising channel for ecommerce, has doubled the number of donations versus the previous year.

The collaboration of the 50 “companies with a cause” that have implemented one of our four fundraising solutions (Social Round Up, Charity Widget, Social Platform and Online Bank) have allowed us to get 444,774 donations.

But the most important thing for us is that all these donations made in 2018 have enabled that 84,000 people from 74 different countries receive help through the 74 campaigns that have been funded, most of all related to health, education and food projects.


We invite you to know a little bit more how has been our 2018 through our Annual Corporate Report HERE.

Worldcoo Team

The Social Round Up presentation


Yesterday afternoon, we celebrate the presentation of the Social Round Up, our new fundraising mechanism that has already helped us to collect more than 900,000 donations thanks to the 500 commercial establishments who already offer their customers the option to round up their ticket for charity.

During the event, that brought together more than 150 people, we listened the experience of some of the companies that have already implemented this new channel, such as Condis, Viena or the Bon Preu Group, as well as the beneficiary entities of the new channel, such as “Arrels“, Educo, Pasqual Maragall Foundation and “Casal dels Infants“.


Although each of them explained their own experience from the business and social point of view; all of them highlighted the good reception of Solidarity Rounding by the clients. In fact, the first surveys conducted show that 83% of people who donated would do it again. Proof of this is that since last year, more than €300,000 have been collected so far.

In addition, Alfred Vernis, Director of Sustainability of Intitex and ESADE professor, explained the importance of social actions and the relationship of companies with social entities, and Elisabet Carnicé, journalist and presenter, made that the event conduction was a success.


All this happened in the “Antiga Fàbrica d’Estrella Damm“, the support of Diari Ara and Corresponsables.


Worldcoo Team


Today is Giving Tuesday!

The wait is over! Today we celebrate #GivingTuesday, a day dedicated to donate, share and help those who need the most.  As you know, it is an iniciative that was born as an alternative to the famous Black Friday or Cyber Monday, days in which the massive purchase of gifts is promoted.

Giving Tuesday Stacked with Date

#GT HeartMany of the “Companies with a cause” that works with us join this movement today and promote the solidarity of all their customers. Ticketmaster, Planeta Huerto, Maxcolchón, Nicequest, Promofarma, Uvinum, Santa Fixie, Zacaris, DecántaloSprinter and MeQuedoUno carry out special actions in order to raise awareness about the small actions that we can do in our day to day in order to cooperate to social causes.


Our III Volunteer Day 

Coinciding with this date, the employees of Worldcoo will carry out our III Volunteer Day and this Friday we will collaborate with “Arrels Foundation” to help them to make the crafts that they prepare for this Christmas.

Equipo Worldcoo

One week left for #GivingTuesday!

Giving Tuesday Stacked with DateOnce again, this year we join the celebration of #GivingTuesday, a day dedicated to solidarity which was born as an alternative to Black Friday or Cyber Monday, where people spend lot of money to buy presents.

Next Tuesday 27, we will celebrate this date with many of the “Companies with a cause” that collaborate with us. The objective it to create awareness of the importance of collaborating, helping and sharing with those who need it most.

Save the date - twitter_0

Ticketmaster, Planeta Huerto, Maxcolchón, Nicequest, Promofarma, Uvinum, Santa Fixie, Zacaris, Decántalo, Sprinter and MeQuedoUno are some of the companies that use some of our fundraising channels to help social organizations to carry out their projects. During the next Tuesday, all of them will help to give visibility to the small actions that we can do in our day to day and that can help so many people.

And you, do you know how you will collaborate?


Worldcoo Team 

Condis Supermarkets joins our Social Round Up system!

logo-condisSome days ago, we announced that Covirán started to offer their customers the possibility to round up their final ticket and donate the cents to UNICEF Spanish Committee.  Today, we’re happy to share with you that Condis Supermarket have also integrated the Social Round Up to their establishments.

From now on, all the customers of Condis who buy in Catalunya and Madrid will have the opportunity to collaborate with Arrels Foundation or Educo.

How to collaborate?

If you intend to pay by card, the cashier will ask if you want to round the final amount of the purchase and donate the cents to a social cause. If yes, you only have to confirm the action and the round price will be applied. Otherwise, the usual purchase process will be followed. Thus, for example, if the purchase amounts to € 42.70, it will be proposed to pay € 43.

The first project: double collaboration

Logo_Arrels_negreThe clients of the establishments located in Catalonia, will be able to round off the final amount of their purchase and donate the cents to help Arrels Fundació to provide a decent accommodation for homeless people in Barcelona. The entity accompanies these people on their way to autonomy, offering accommodation, food and social and health care.

LOGO-EDUCO-CHILDFUNDThose who do so in centers in Madrid, will collaborate with Educo to offer lunch scholarships to children at risk of poverty and social exclusion. Thanks to this help, it is ensured that the children can access the school canteen and have at least one balanced and complete meal a day.

The customers can follow the donation process or have more information about both projects through THIS LINK.

Establishments with Cause

alimentació_anglesWith the integration of the Social Round Up, Condis receives the “Establishments with Cause” stamp, a distinction which gives information about the companies who collaborate with social causes by card payment.

Are you a retail and would like to integrate the Social Round Up to your establishments?  Contact us and we will give you all the details:

Worldcoo Team


New agreement with Fundación Lealtad


fundación-lealtad (1)This week we have signed a new collaboration agreement with the Lealtad Foundation, a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the trust of society in NGOs to achieve an increase in donations, as well as any other type of collaboration. The foundation concedes the stamp of NGO certified to those organizations analyzed that fully comply with the 9 principles of transparency and good practices.

Through the collaboration agreement that we started this week, we have included the certified NGO stamp along with the projects that are carried out by the NGOs with which we collaborate and that are already accredited by the Foundation Loyalty. The objective is to highlight the commitment to the principles of transparency and good practices that govern our day to day, as well as to increase our field of action among all those entities that have already been accredited.

Worldcoo Team

Today is the International Food Day

Nearly 40 years ago, the  Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) designed the 16th of October as the  World Food Day with the aim of to raise awareness of society about the world food problem and promote solidarity against hunger, malnutrition and poverty.

Numbers confirm that the number of people suffering from hunger int the world is increasing, reaching 821 million people worldwide, that is, one in nine. In addition, FAO warns that more than 150 million children suffer from stunting due to the difficulty access to proper nutrition.

As you know, one of the causes that we support is to end hunger and malnutrition in the world, one of the Sustainable Developmnt Goals for 2030. There are many companies that through our widget contribute to eradicate famine in the world.

Some of them…?


  • sabadellBanco Sabadell employees can make a micro-donation by making a bank transparency from their ebanking and collaborate with Educo with the main objective that children  at risk of social exclusion receive, at least, a complete, healthy and balanced meal a day.  Did you know that in Spain more than 2 million children are at risk of poverty and suffer from malnutrition? The objective of the campaign is to ensure that children living at risk eat each day for a year in the cafeteria of their school through the program “Scholarships Comedor de Educo”. You can follow the project HERE.
  • planeta huertoThe customers of Planeta Huerto can add a solidarity euro to their shopping cart and collaborate with Save the Children so that 210 households in Mauritania that have lost their harvests due to the drought receive seeds to plant in the following season. The objective is to provide the necessary resources so that families can cope with the drought and lack of food that the country suffers for several years. You can follow the donation process of this project HERE.
  • bonpreuCustomers of Supermarkets “Bon Preu i Esclat” can exchange the money accumulated on their customer card and make a donation to “Nutrició Sense Fronteres“. The objective that has been proposed by the company is that 50 people who use the dining room that leads the entity can receive a balanced and nutritious daily meal for a month. You can follow the project HERE.


Equipo Worldcoo

Collaborate against leukemia in children


Join Worldcoo’s “ecommerce with cause” community!

Did you know that nearly 80% of consumers choose one brand or another depending on its values?  Aspects such as quality and price are no longer a priority for clients, who prefer those brands which provide an added value to society.

If you have an e-commerce, we invite you to join our “e-commerce with cause” community and include our social widget in your commerce.

What is the Worldcoo charity widget?

With the installation of a plug&play in the payment process of your ecommerce, you can offer your customers the option of adding a social micro-donation to their shopping cart and collaborate with different entities.

The current project: research against childhood cancer

CapturaThe current campaign that we have available for e-commerces comes from Unoentrecienmil, a foundation that was born in 2012 with the main objective of  supporting the investigation of childhood leukemia, developing innovate projects whose benefits are 100% dedicated to the investigation against this disease.

The purpose

Did you know that leukemia is the most common cancer in children and teens? Thanks to medical research, 80% of children who suffer from this disease, survive. Despite this, innovation in new safe and effective therapies remains insufficient. Through the amount collected through all the companies that are part of the group of “ecommerce with cause”, the Foundation will be able to deepen the knowledge of the disease and generate new treatments that will advance in its cure.

Because -as they say- “to investigate is to advance“.

How can I have the Worldcoo solidarity widget?

  1. Register inTHIS FORM. 
  2. Customize the widget according to the look&feel of your ecommerce.
  3. Download the Worldcoo module and enter the credentials that we will send you once registered.
  4. That’s all! You can start raising for social purposes.


If you want, you can have more information about this project and follow the collecting process through THIS LINK.

*Based on the “II Study of Brands with Values: The Power of the Consumer – Citizen” prepared by the marketing agency 21gramos, with the collaboration of the non-profit entity Corporate Excellence and the Nielsen company.


Worldcoo Team



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