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Report of funding and monitoring the project “Back to school Lunchroom program”
Worldcoo Launches the stamp “E-commerce with a Cause”
Report of funding and monitoring the Project “Care at Home”
Worldcoo has been awarded the “esLaInciativa” award from e-commerce companies solidarity
Worldcoo launches the widget update 2.0 which includes a gamification system and NGO widget.
Worldcoo launches its new website and closes its first financing round
Worldcoo closes its first financing round and joins the BStartup programme
Worldcoo attends first Social Investment Forum by ESADEBAN
Worldcoo pitched @ KIC Innonenergy Business Booster
Barcelona’s 18th ‘Mostra d’Associacions’

Report of funding and monitoring the project “Back to school Lunchroom program”

We launched in September 2014 the project Back to school lunchroom program with LetsBonus to help those families who are going through dramatic situations: evictions, unemployment, lack of economic resources,… and cannot meet their basic needs such as food; to ensure that their children can eat at school providing stability during the school year.
One of the commitments from Worldcoo is to monitor the funded projects and track every € donated by the users of our committed e-commerce service. In this case, 430 meals will be distributed to 3 kids from 2 schools of Cuenca and Toledo.

Informe Final LetsBonus - Aldeas Infantiles - EN

Worldcoo Launches the stamp “E-commerce with a Cause”

worldcoo_segell1_english worldcoo_segell2_english worldcoo_segell3_english


All e-commerce companies that have integrated our widget to transform their online shopping purchases in solidarity receive the stamp of E-commerce with Worldcoo´s Cause. This label attesting to their social commitment and the desire to create a positive social impact alongside its users with all the guarantees of the fundraising campaign run by Worldcoo.
With the seal, Worldcoo guarantees:

  • Including a 100% secure technology in solidarity donation widget developed by technological equipment from Worldcoo.
  • The rigorous selection and auditing of all projects by a team at Worldcoo and the network of 21 ambassadors we have in 11 countries worldwide and managing international projects.
  • The traceability of every dollar donated, with the completion of monitoring and relevant verification.
  • The social commitment of e-commerce and generating a positive social impact alongside its users.

!Become an E-commerce with a Cause!
Only e-commerce that meet these regulations may obtain the stamp and become an E-commerce with a Cause with the utmost confidence for their users.Worldcoo was born with the mission of generating a positive social impact and providing a solution to the lack of public funding of NGOs. The e-commerce industry and NGOs collective solidarity allows the new system of solidarity crowd funding.  The e-commerce industry will grow at an unstoppable pace in 2015, at around 20%. The involvement to generate a positive social impact can be instrumental to realize many social and cooperative projects that otherwise would have been impossible due to a lack of resources. These provide visibility to projects and social causes and foster collaborative solidarity among its members.

Our E-commerce with a Cause
In less than a year of activity since the launch of our widgets, more than 10 e-commerces have joined the bandwagon of CSR thanks to the micro-donations of its members (, , Network Verticomm -Uvinum, Mascotic … -,,,,,; have funded more than 10 projects with 16,000 donors who have contributed almost 30,000 € and have benefited over 11,800 people directly.
From Worldcoo we hope that the community of ´e-commerce with a cause´ continues to grow to generate a much greater positive social impact.


Report of funding and monitoring the Project “Care at Home”

The project of ´Care at home´ by the foundation “Friends for the elderly” , was the first project we did with LetsBonus in February 2014 and with which initiated their intention to work closely with #LetsBonusActúa program. Thanks to the solidarity of its members, who managed to raise € 1,015 in one month. Here we present the report of investments and everything that was made possible due to the help received.

  • 67 gatherings with 3 volunteers at the home of an elderly person to discuss providing personal support and dynamic activities for them.
  • 450 telephone calls to the elderly person to know how they are and for a follow up.
  • 51 Carers in the individuals home for two hours to give them emotional support and to build stronger ties with them.

One of the commitments from Worldcoo is to support the transparency of donations and so we track every € donated by the users of our committed e-commerce service. In this case, 586 seniors have benefited from the program activities. This project is great way of providing emotional support to elderly people living alone and also to avoid the social isolation that affects a umber of people.


Informe Final LB - Amics de la gent gran - EN


Worldcoo has been awarded the “esLaInciativa” award from e-commerce companies solidarity

  • “EslaIniciativa” is a project by the Business and Society Foundation, which recognizes acts of corporate social engagements.
  • The social commitment of Worldcoo is twofold because it is a social enterprise itself and also promotes support and aid for other activities. Thanks to our fundraising activities, together with business e-commerce and its users, Worldcoo has already improved the lives of over 12,242 people.


We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the “esLaInciativa” award from e-commerce companies solidarity by the  spanish Business and Society Foundation. This award has two sides. On the one hand, it recognizes our work of starting the e-commerce sector in the management of corporate social responsibility policies and to promote solidarity among consumers online. On the other hand, we at Worldcoo are a social enterprise that meets the ethical needs of Social Bussiness and follows in the footsteps of other similar models operating in the Netherlands, UK and USA, where the company reinvests 70% of its potential benefits to other social projects or R & D.

Sergi Figueres, CEO of Worldcoo explains, “this recognition provides additional momentum for companies of e-commerce to decide to join the initiative and generate a more positive social impact and more donations directed to the beneficiaries”. To date, thanks to the solidarity of all consumers in online shopping, we have directly benefited and improved the lives of 12,242 people thank you to everone who has enabled these projects to become a reality.

The “Initiative” is a collaborative project supported by the Friends of Business and Society, which recognizes acts of social commitment from employers that will inspire increased support for companies to disadvantaged people.

The other winners were project “Attention, the new poverty” by Cecot which has managed to improve the employment of over 200 people struggling to meet their basic needs; ´FamilyApp´ chain, “esLaIniciativa” an everyday savings services for those who donate to NGOs and agency photographers Us, Why Not, “esLaIniciativa” for the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities. The Apsuria Foundation, which provides special education services, day centers and residence for people with serious disabilities, all gathered to the event held last November 13th in Madrid.

The jury formed of Ander Bilbao, founder and CEO of Grupo Sörensen; Cipri Quintas, entrepreneur (Silk & Soya); Francisco García Molina, director of various companies and chairman of the Apsuria Foundation; José María Irisarri, president of Oz Partners; Javier Rosino, principal partner ActiveCompass and Francisco Abad, managing partner of ABest social innovation.

The social impact of Worldcoo, in less than 1year
In less than a year after the launch of the widget, more than 10 e-commerce have already joined the bandwagon of CSR thanks to the micro-donations of its members (, Mequedouno .com, Verticomm Network -Uvinum, Mascotic … –,,, Due to this positive social impact, we have funded 10 projects from which there were over 12,242 direct beneficiaries. Many thanks to the 14,200 donations from 35 different countries which raised €28,000. We also have 7 open projects. Currently is supporting and in two months has exceeded 62% of the project funding for ´Dining Scholarship´ which aims to subsidize 1,600 meals to children in poverty., meanwhile, supports research for Sanfilippo Syndrome, an ultra-rare disease that causes premature death of those affected when they reach 15 to 20 years old; and LetsBonus, continuing to support affected achondroplasia (dwarfism).


Worldcoo launches the widget update 2.0 which includes a gamification system and NGO widget.

Updating the widget of Worldcoo 2.0 allows multiple personalized features and a reward system thanks to the partnership with This coupled with the launch of the NGOs Widget provides additional momentum to generate a more positive social impact together.

These innovations come a year after the launch of the first widget. It was September 2013 when the donation widget solidarity of Worldcoo appeared in 10 languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, German; available in various colors and fully responsive. It was the first initiative of its kind in Europe.

In just four months after closing the 1st round of funding with Ona Capital, Delta Partners and Banc Sabadell in June this year, have launched the website in 6 languages, English, French, German, Italian and Catalan and has launched new versions of the widget, as part of its roadmap to accelerate the business and get 50 social fund projects during this year.

New features include new widget customization options, which include:
-the ability to display a motivational message after 25% is funded
-a progress bar of the project


– the ability to chose different donation amounts from € 1 (multi-price)


-and to choose another currency (multi-currency).
New Widget Widget NGO
The new NGO widget is a new version for the cases where the e-commerce has a commitment to a single NGO. In this case it will be customized with the logo of the NGO. This new version joins the existing ones, the Classic Widget (backed by Worldcoo in aspects of the management of funds) and Simple (short version of the first).


A prize for solidarity: “20 Civis for the people doing #goodthings”
Following this clear commitment to innovation, we have built a system of rewards for donors through an alliance with CiviClub is the clubEjemplo_20Civis_logo (1) that rewards the #goodthings we do for our environment by awarding some points called Civis. Thanks to the agreement with CiviClub, Worldcoo has become an issuer of Civis. For every donation made through our donation widget integrated into our electronic commerce partners, you can get 20-donor Civis and redeem multiple gifts in the catalog website. With this partnership, we want to encourage good actions of people, who are the real agents of change.

To achieve the 20 Civis previously, the user must download the certificate of donation on our website with a donation code that appears on the page, thanks to stores that have integrated our widget.

This is the message of thanks to the donation code that appears after purchasing.

pantallazo widget thanks


Click here to see a demo of each of the possibilities and set your custom widget.
All these new features are applicable to all existing widgets to date and have been made by, technological partner¡Thank you very much!



Worldcoo launches its new website and closes its first financing round

Here, there are our best news of the summer. Worldcoo closes its first round of funding, with the entry of Ona Capital, Delta Partners and Banco Sabadell as major investors. And we have launched a new website, also in spanish.  The contribution of  € 230,000 will be dedicate to accelerate the business growth, get the challenge of being in 10% of e-commerce transactions in Europe and to raise funds for 50 charity projects.

Ona and Delta Capital Partners, the new investors. Ona Capital, and Delta Partners, are the latest investors who have become part of the project. Banc Sabadell  also bet on the company in early 2014. During the first round of seed capital, Xavier Marcet (President to Lead Change, Founder and President of the Barcelona Drucker Society and professor at IDEC) and Josep Maria Martorell (currently, General Director for Research in the Generalitat de Catalunya) were the first who believe in the project. Soon after, the technology agency T4XI (which invested in the company as  Tech Angel) and Carles Florensa, (General Director of Eurosilla, advisor and business angel in several companies, professor at ESADE and UAB), joined the group.

Launch of the web in spanish. T4XI has been in charge of developing  our new  site  according to its needs with a  different  design from other crowdfunding platforms. We are very happy with the browsing experience and hope you enjoy it as we do.

Worldcoo was born in 2012 with an international focus but the spanish market is an opportunity to grow faster. The volume of e-commerce in Spain represents 5% of the European e-commerce and has a promising future in becoming a real  agent of developement and social change with growth rates of 20% annually, according to the CNMC (National Commission markets and competition).

Social Bussiness Model. Aureli  Bou and Sergi Figueres, co-founders, with the entire group of investors have formed a Social Bussines model that follows in the footsteps of similar models operating in the Netherlands, UK and USA, where companies reinvest 70% of their potential benefits to other social projects or R & D. Here you can see all aspects of our social commitment.

Worldcoo closes its first financing round and joins the BStartup programme

As announced last November, Banco Sabadell has already selected the first five companies that, over the course of the next 6 months, will benefit from the high-performance BStartup 10 programme. Through the programme, the bank will invest 100,000 euros in each of them, to be split between direct financial investment and a growth programme coordinated by renowned technological entrepreneur Dídac Lee.

BStartup 10 is coordinatedby the BStartup business department, through which Banco Sabadell makes available to technological entrepreneurs a series of products and services specifically adapted to their needs, as well as a network of 67 branches with staff specialised in this type of company.

Apart from Worldcoo, the other four companies selected in this first round are Enigmedia, Red PointsSetpay and Trendipia.

Worldcoo attends first Social Investment Forum by ESADEBAN

ESADEBAN hosted the 1st Social Impact Investment Forum: “Business and Impact Investment” on 4th December with our participation.

The Investment Forum is an annual meeting point for entrepreneurs who are aiming to make a social impact and investors who are interested in participating in their projects. “Impact investing” means investing in projects that will have a social impact as well as financial returns.  Therefore, those investments are not properly classified as philanthropic or charity donations.

The Investment Forum presented five entrepreneurs with innovative, sustainable projects that address challenges in various areas (protection of the environment, citizen participation, education, job placement, access to housing, etc.) and require at least 50.000€ in financing from private investors.


Worldcoo pitched @ KIC Innonenergy Business Booster

Last week Worldcoo attended the KIC InnoEnergy Business Booster in Barcelona. Business Booster strives to offer ideas and inspiration to pave the way for future success in businesses. It is the ideal place to mingle with other companies, sharing ideas and discovering new products.

We thoroughly enjoyed this experience and from the networking we did, we hope that future partnerships will arise.

by Sally Rice.

Barcelona’s 18th ‘Mostra d’Associacions’

The Mostra d’Associacions of Barcelona is a large event that takes place in Plaza Catalunya during the festivals of Mercè (21 to 24 September). Many NGOs take advantage of this event to promote their projects and associations. One NGO in particular, Desos, were there promoting their project ‘Processing cocoa in the rural communities of Kukra River, in Bluefields, Nicaragua’ which is also a project listed inside Wordcoo.

Desos is an NGO which works to assist economic development through the productive sector. Their goals are for farmers to achieve sustainable methods to earn their income. Their new project will focus on enlarging their facilities for the collection and processing of cocoa. Working with a producers cooperative called COOPMULKRI, they are hoping to expand production and transform the economy. Farmers will be given the requisite training and a cocoa fermenter machine will be constructed.

This project will benefit 3,665 people including 316 farmers and their families. Many of these people including farmers and ranchers have restricted resources and will gain much from the help of DESOS.

by Sally Rice.

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