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Our policy of transparency
The Spanish Crowdfunding association
Worldcoo at the IMPULSA Forum of Girona
Worldcoo OHMI registration
Worldcoo is happy to pitch @ ESADE Cleantech Club
Worldcoo in the EIT Foundation’s Annual Innovation Forum
We support the "Yo apoyo el Crowdfunding" campaign
Thank you!
Worldcoo is part of the VI Meeting of Autonomous Regions and Development Cooperation
Worldcoo shares its experiences in Barcelona Activa

Our policy of transparency

In this article we want to explain you how Worldcoo aims to make your charity experience something awesome.

The way we want to boost is : transparency. Because we think that the fact to follow where your money goes makes you even more happy to donate. Moreover, you are the witness of your actions. We want to engage you in the project further than the donation, plus being able to share the real change you made possible.

To end this transparency aspect, we will simply keep you tuned about the construction of the project. Indeed, when a project is “Funded”, it pass automaticly to “In construction”. Then, when the project is achived, you can see it as a “Success story”. The follow up starts with the begining of the crowdfunding campaing and ends when the project is a success story. We illustrate all the process by blog articles with stories, pictures, and videos.

So, when you donated for a project, make sure to have a look to see how it is going 😉

By the way, here you can find our Youtube channel –> WorldcooTV

And here is the Pinterest –> WorldcooBoards

The Spanish Crowdfunding association

The Spanish Crowdfunding association is an independent nonprofit association representing platforms and professionals of the crowdfunding industry in Spain.

We know that crowdfunding is the new trend of collective financing for the world of entrepreneurship, cultural and social, which has taken off in Spain the past few years. It has given the emergence of new platforms of crowdfunding or microfinance.

The main objectives of this association are :

  1. Promote crowdfunding as a valuable and viable way for companies, projects or undertakings Spanish in order to raise funds for their economic viability.
  2. Be the voice of all crowdfunding platforms and crowdfunding professional services in Spain in all its various forms (grants, loans, equity and rewards) with the media and policy makers to influence and provide a single message to all Spanish society.
  3. Post a code of practice to be adopted by all platforms and crowdfunding professionals to protect their participants (sponsors and investors).

You can find more information on the website of the Association
You can request an invitation to the Linkedin group “Spanish Association of Crowdfunding“.

In coming days the admission process as full partners will be anounced.

Worldcoo at the IMPULSA Forum of Girona

On the 26 and 27 of June is held the IMPULSA Forum in Girona, Spain. Launched in 2010, this event aims to discover and analyse many subjects like education, technology, economy, politic, and many others in order to motivate and bring ideas to young creators. The objective is bring progress through initiative in all fields : science, technology, business, society, sport, art, and culture.

The IMPULSA Forum is also a good place to mix generations. Juniors can collect the experience of seniors and find resources to build their projects.

According to the IMPULSA website : “IMPULSA is the time and place in which young people lose their fear of becoming entrepreneurs

What about Worldcoo? Sergi Figueres is going to present the company on stage on Thursday 27. He will talk about how our website is working and how to collect funds for NGO projects.

Want to see the show? It’s right here in live stream.

Worldcoo OHMI registration

Today, we are happy to announce you that Worldcoo has been registered by the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHMI).

What is OHMI ?

In spanish OAMI, Oficina de Armonizacion del Mercado Interior, has been created to promote and manage Community Trade Mark and Community Designs within the European Union. Also, it is an office created under European law and governed by the European Commission. Their mission is to harmonize the internal market and to carry out registration procedures.

So, for Worldcoo the fact to be registered proves that the European Union recognized us as a registered trade mark. Furthermore, our logo, our name, and some features about the company are protected.

See also What is a community trade mark (CTM)?

Step by step we are growing, stay tuned!

Worldcoo is happy to pitch @ ESADE Cleantech Club


Worldcoo will be a guest speaker @ the Sustainability in Business Environement session held by the Cleantech Club. Also KIC InnoEnergy will be pitching together with Worldcoo. This is the program:

  • What is KIC InnoEnergy? What kind of ventures they support? What is their acceleration program about?
  • What is Worldcoo? How it works? What we learned?
  • Sustainable energy business.

Agenda: Presentation followed by networking cocktail in MBA cafeteria.

Date: April 17th.
Time: 3 to 5 pm.
Where: ESADE CREAPOLIS room 3D02.

We are looking forward to exchange opinions and learn from the Cleantech Club members, which are also studens from The ESADE MBA.

See you there!

The Worldcoo Team.

Worldcoo in the EIT Foundation’s Annual Innovation Forum

Sergi Figueres participated last March 26th in the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Foundation’s Annual Innovation Forum in Brussels to share his experience and to present Worldcoo, in the “Big data to capture and show knowledge” group.

Thirty young leaders from the worlds of business, academia and research shared their inspiring ideas with policy-makers and business executives. The young professionals, entrepreneurs and students presented their ideas on innovative solutions to business opportunities in sectors such as health, energy, information and communication market, startups or to promote smart cities and knowledge Societies. The EIT Foundation young leaders’ programme aims to discover a new generation of talented entrepreneurs who can drive the development of sustainable innovation in the EU.

The EIT Foundation’s priorities are:

  • Promoting entrepreneurial education and bridging the gap between academia and business
  • Creating a new generation with an entrepreneurial mind-set ready to drive the development of sustainable innovation
  • Developing an international network of talented professionals in education, research, innovation and business

The main theme of the Annual Innovation Forum is on how ‘data-driven innovation’ can benefit society and the economy. In how Europe can harness the full potential of the amount of data that is generated nowadays to address the economic, environmental and societal challenges of our time. From better delivery of public services to more efficient energy use, data-driven innovation is seen as crucial for economic growth.

We support the "Yo apoyo el Crowdfunding" campaign

Crowdfunding seems to be trendy nowadays. And no wonder, because in last few years, since social media revolution, this is being a method that is helping hundreds of people, projects and platforms to be funded.

Crowdfunding was born from what was previously only called donations but it has evolved in such a way that in different countries has already its own specific legislation that supports, defends and promotes crowdfunding. In Worldcoo we want this legislation to reach also our home country, Spain, and to achieve it we support the campaign carried out by the portal Universo Crowdfunding called “Yo apoyo el crowdfunding”.

With the campaign “Yo apoyo el crowdfunding” a request is made to the Government of the Kingdom of Spain, to legislate the collective financing concretely as soon as possible. As a starting point, the request of the government is done with a list of little requests that are considered essential to achieve the objectives of ensuring legally this financing option:

  1. Increase deductions
  2. Flexibility in obtaining the “declaration of public utility”
  3. Reduction of VAT
  4. That everyone can participate through small investments in an easy, simple and dynamic way
  5. Tax relief for small contributions
  6. Reduction of percentage to pay for the interest on their contributions
  7. Prioritize and facilitate grants
  8. Promote active policies
  9. Facilitate and promote the activities of crowdfunding platforms

From Worldcoo we believe in it and we support the Universo Crowdfunding campaign to achieve this legislation in Spain and we encourage you to spread this campaign to get it as soon as possible. You can find this campaign in social media with the hashtag #yocrowdfunding and follow @yocrowdfunding help the cause.

Thank you!

In Worldcoo we are very happy! And it’s no wonder. It’s been a little bit more than two months since we launched our project, and we really think that this is the first stop we have to do to recap and evaluate with you what we have achieve in this time.

First of all, as you might know, our community has already exceed 400 members. We are very happy about it! In addition, we have 73 donors in our community, which means that about 20% of our members have made a donation. We can’t think of another way to thank you this fact that typing in caps THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH! This project is finding its place and with your help we will succeed. We also want to thank our first sponsor, Eva Cosmetics, for believing in us and, especially, for the responsibility they show with a gesture like this. All the people, and companies, who believe in a better world have a place here in Worldcoo to let their voices be heard.

We also want to mention our projects. We started this with 3 projects working with 3 NGOs and now we are working with 5 projects and 5 NGOs. Thanks to our NGOs for their trust in us and in our community and thanks to our community again because, if it were not for this rapidly growing, we would not be able to get what we got.
Finally, we would like to inform you that something in our website has changed its look. Go round and find our new photo mosaic of our users. Thank you very much to everyone and remember, if you are not in the mosaic because you have not upload your profile picture, Upload it!

Worldcoo is part of the VI Meeting of Autonomous Regions and Development Cooperation

This Tuesday, Sergi Figueres did a speech in the “Millennium Development Goals and Decentralized Cooperation”, in the VI Meeting of Autonomous Regions and Development Cooperation. It has been held in the Palau Centelles on Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th of March.

The “Millennium Development Goals and Decentralized Cooperation” promotes the global challenge of changing the cities in which we live and the way we use our resources. This vision encompasses solutions in the fields of energy, technology, mobility, urban planning, the environment, geospace and management for developing more efficient and sustainable cities.

On Tuesday 5th of March, Sergi Figueres, talked 15 minutes about Development Cooperation and how Worldcoo can improve it, in front of an audience about 40 people.

This IV Meeting of Autonomous Regions and Development Cooperation has represented an encounter of the 17th Directors of the Development Cooperation agencies from the different Spanish Autonomous Regions, which has become a discussion on cooperation and about how politics can manage it, now that investments have dropped enormously.

Moreover, Sergi Figueres will be in the VII Regional Youth Conference, organized by the Consell Comarcal del Baix Llobregat, held in Molins de Rei on Wednesday 6th of March. There, Figueres will do a speech about entrepreneurship and Worldcoo.

Worldcoo shares its experiences in Barcelona Activa

Yesterday, Tuesday 26th of February, Aureli Bou presented Worldcoo as part of the conference ‘Crowdfunding: innovative financing alternatives’, in Barcelona Activa.

Barcelona Activa periodically organizes training activities to help companies in finding and securing funding. Yesterday was the time to talk about crowdfunding. Crowdfunding, as we have already published, is a funding system based on collective small donations to specific business projects. It is becoming an alternative system in front of the conventional funding systems, and this is why many start-ups have recently born to work with it. Around 80 people from different fields, companies but also people interested in start-ups, were listening.

Jaume Baró, chief operating from Barcelona Activa was the responsible of welcome the assistants. After that, Javier Martín, editor from, referent blog about start-ups, as well as Plenummedia social media Director, did a conference about crowdfunding, under the title of “How can this new financing system help your company”.

Two major Catalan companies working with crowdfunding also shared there experiences in front of the audience. The first one was Verkami, born in 2010 with the hope to find funding for creativity, art and research projects. It has now more than 90,000 fans and over 70% of projects have achieved the necessary financing platform to more than 3 million. The following was The Crowd Angel, the first online platform which allows people invest in a range of professional technology and innovative start-ups. They have raised more than 600,000 euros by the projects they have in the platform.

Then, new active cowdfunding platforms in the city presented their projects. Was the turn of: Bihoop, Arboribus, Megafounder, Mynbest, Projeggt, Seed & Click and Puentis.

Worldcoo closured this meeting. Aureli Bou share in front of the audience what is Worldcoo and how together we can do big things.

For Worldcoo was an honour being part of this meeting, surrounded of all this important companies.

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