Childhood Cancer: Help cure childhood acute leukemia

In Spain, the first cause of dead in children between 5 and 14 years is cancer. Every year, 1.400 new cases of childhood cancer are diagnosed and 280 children die because of this disease. The causes, therapies and the responses to the treatment are very different than the adults and, even today, for certain cases of childhood cancer, there are no hope of curation.

Leukemia is the most frequent kind of childhood cancer. It is a kind of cancer of the blood cells. A person with leukemia have some cells in his body become abnormal and his organism begin to produce it in big quantities and messily. These abnormal cells infiltrates the bone marrow and affect the growth of normal progenitor cells, invade blood and other organs.

The NGO Cris Cáncer support the research against cancer in established groups in hospitals and research centers that perform clinical trials causing new treatments to patients that don’t have any alternative.

There are many children with leukemia who do not respond to current treatments. When that happens, the child barely have options to curation and, sadly, 1 of 5 children with leukemia die because of this disease.

When Lydia died, she was 6 years old and the cause of her death was the acute leukemia. Her parents have wanted to donate all the funds they raised in order to pay Lydia a treatment out of Spain. The aim of its donation is to get that other children have the opportunity that Lydia had not had: get a treatment to cure childhood acute leukemia.


Project Lydia develops a clinical trial for children and adolescents with acute leukemia who do not respond to current treatments. Is addressed to children with little healing options because they do not respond to chemotherapy or relapse after transplantation. The goal is to see if a cell therapy (NK cells) plus a special chemo would be able to recover them enough to have a marrow transplant and thus have a chance to heal.

Our ecommerce with a cause Dreivip wants to finish with childhood acute leukemia and, for this reason, it will offer to its customers to make a donation to help carry out the Project Lydia and so help cure with childhood cancer.

Thanks to the solidarity of Dreivip customer’s one child receive a NK cells treatment to increase his options to overcome the disease. This treatment will allow the child to slow leukemia and have access to a bone marrow transplant.

The Worldcoo team.

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