Combat elders loneliness and isolation in summer

Miles of elders confront with loneliness and the isolation in our country. The disappearance of a loved one, an illness or loss of mobility are factors that driving elders to an unwanted loneliness.

In Spain, there are a million and a half elders that are living alone. According to some studies, the 59% of elders feel theirselves alone and, this fact causes a feeling of insecurity, sadness and depression.

In summer, heat weaken the physical state and the absence of neighbors intensify the isolation of this elders and also the feeling of loneliness.

To combat this situation, the Federación Amigos de los Mayores, has created a special program Vacaciones Amigas” that aims elders to leave their homes, enjoy with workshops and activities for few weeks and establish new friendships with other old people that are in the same situation.


Let’s Bonus consumers will be able to help 50 elders to enjoy with moments in company either for receive phone calls in order to break with the daily monotony, receive weekly visit from a volunteer or receive the opportunity to pass an unforgettable days in community.

The Worldcoo Team.

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