Combat loneliness of the elderly

In Spain there are approximately 1.853.700 elders who are living alone, the 72% of them are women and the 42% are older than 85 years. Loneliness and social isolation are risk factors for depression, the cognitive impairment, their health problems and economic difficulties and for their mortality.

For more than 28 years, Amics de la Gent Gran Foundation works against undesired loneliness among older people. The mission of Amics de la Gent Gran is based in three actions:

  • Emotional accompaniment of older people, through different programs, for example, during a disease, home help or sporadic accompaniments.
  • Social invigoration, trough socializing activities as trips, coteries at home, holidays, Sant Jordi, San Juan and at Christmas.
  • Awareness in society about the reality our elders face. To do this, Amics de la Gent Gran makes three awareness campaigns: “Rosas contra el olvido”, Summer Campaign and Christmas Campaign.

Accompaniment home program

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), loneliness is one of the main causes of health risk in elderly. The relationship between loneliness feeling and serious diseases is significant and WHO advises that this feeling may generate situations of dependency. For this reason, Amics de la Gent Gran fight to prevent this situation.

The accompaniment home program has the aim to fight against loneliness of elders who are living alone. This program provides a two hours weekly visit from a volunteer at the home of an elderly person. This visit wishes to create an emotional and trusty bond between the volunteer and the elderly person in order to break with the feeling of loneliness which have the older person.

For Amics de la Gent Gran the companies are important drivers of social change and, such as, they play a relevant role in the promotion of a more equal and sustainable society. Our committed company Promofarma share the values and the commitment with Amics de la Gent Gran. For this reason, they have joined together to perform a new project with the aim to fight to combat the feeling of loneliness which have many elderly.


Promofarma’s customers will be able to help to combat loneliness of the elderly and also help them to improve their quality of life. Thanks to their solidarity, 13 elders will receive a weekly visit of a volunteer of Amics de la Gent Gran for a year.

Together, we manage to repay the desire to live of elderly who are alone” – Amics de la Gent Gran

The Worldcoo team.

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