Consumers expect brands to do social good

Nowadays, many citizens of the world are conscious of the existing social and environmental problems and they want to be a part of its solution.  Citizens wish to act in the benefit of the people who are living at poverty, marginality and exclusion but also they are conscious of the factors in our behaviour that affect society as a whole, for example, that affect the environment.

Citizens know that in order to give a response to many problems existing in the world nowadays all people have to change their habits, but they also know that companies have to make a change too. Companies have to help generate more positive impact for the society as well as for the environment.

That is why, to choose a brand, consumers are becoming increasingly demanding because of for them it is important that brand has not only the aim to generate profit and success.

Today we are showing an infographic about Havas Worldwide’s report that explain what consumers expect when they choose a brand. This report is based on a survey of more than 10.000 adults in 28 markets including Canada, the U.S., United Kingdom, Brazil, France and India. The survey sample made up of 20 “prosumers” and 80% mainstream consumers.

Before showing the infographic, we are going to explain what a “prosumer” is. Prosumers are these consumers who are becoming content producers of a product or a service. The way they made this content is the following, they providing information or opinions about a product or a service in different apps or websites. In other words, they produce content when they talk about their experience with the product or the service (Source: Marketing Directo).

The concept of “prosumer” is clear and now we can show you the report results:

consumers expect brands to do socialgood

As we can read, consumers and “prosumers” are paying more attention to the social and/or environment impact of the products they buy. They not only want to know the products or service they use, they also want to know something more about the company.

In conclusion, the change in thinking of citizen is reflected in all aspects of their daily life, for this reason, the future in the companies is in the fact that, the idea of generate profit and the idea of give something back for your employers or for the society go hand in hand.

The Worldcoo team.

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