Coviran Supermarket launches our Social Round Up

50 Coviran Supermarkets offer their customers the option to round up their ticket and donate their cents to a social cause.

As many of you know, last spring Coviran Supermarkets, launched the Social Round Up in some of their establishments and its reception was more than satisfactory: 46% of customers who paid by card rounded up their purchase.

Starting today, 50 more Covirán centers join the Social Round Up campaign and all their customers who pay with credit card, will have the opportunity to round up their ticket and donate their cents to a social cause.   Round_up_Worldcoo

 The project: #OneNameOneLife

UNICEFThe total amount collected by the customers of Covirán will go directly to “#UnNOmbreUnaVida” (“#OneNameOneLife”), an iniciative presented this week by UNICEF Spanish Comittee with the aim of increasing the survival rated of babies under one month.

Did you know that about 7,000 newborns die every day, many of them without ever having a name?

The reason is because, in some countries of the world, where life expectancy is very low, there are parents who don’t name their babies because they think it will be easier to forget them if they do not survive. The first month of life is the most crucial for children’s survival, but every year 2.5 million babies die before completing it.

If urgent measures are not taken, approximately 28 million newborns will die by 2030, most of them due to premature births, complications during childbirth or infections such as sepsis, pneumonia or meningitis.

80% of these newborns – 5,600 babies every day – can be saved thanks to simple and low-cost solutions such as a vaccine, a mosquito net, a thermal blanket or an antibiotic. Therefore, UNICEF Spanish Committee launches the campaign for the survival of newborns #UnNombreUnaVida, whose goal is that all babies have a name and a life to live and enjoy.


Through the Solidarity Roundup, Covirán customers will have the opportunity to collaborate to make it happen.

  • With only 50 cents, the entity will be able to vaccinate 1 child against polio.
  • With € 1, 5 children can be vaccinated against tuberculosis.

If you want, you can get the status of live collection or get more information about the campaign in THIS LINK.

Establishment with cause

alimentació_anglesThrough this new agreement, Covirán incorporates the stamp of “Establishment with cause” in its more than 50 supermarkets, a distinction we give to those companies that bet on new models of solidarity collection and that, through small donations, manage to help large causes.


Worldcoo Team


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