4 CSR campaigns which do not leave anyone indifferent

There is nothing that you cannot do with regards to Corporate Social Responsibility and, in fact, like in every part of the business, creativity has a huge role to play as far as CSR is concerned.

In 2015, The Gunn Report recognised, through The Good Report, which were the most successful campaigns in promoting good causes this year. Amongst the winners, these four campaigns which, thanks to the creativity behind their design, were able to not leave anybody indifferent.

1. Human Traffic Signs. Concerning the problem of traffic accidents in China, where every 3 minutes a person is injured in one and every 10 minutes somebody dies due to a traffic accident, the agency MullenLowe created this campaign of General Motors, which intended to promote the importance of paying attention to traffic signs and of following the rules. Do you believe they managed to do it?

2. Like a Girl. Leo Burnett Toronto created this campaign for the brand Always for Procter and Gamble which, with the slogan “Rewrite the rules” spoke out in defence of women and against chauvinistic behaviour accepted by practically everybody. He did this through a small experiment. What happened when women and girls were asked what was “Running like a girl”?

3. A very disturbing taxi ride. Concerning domestic abuse, Memac Ogilvy and Mather Dubai designed this campaign for Kafa who tried to make women aware of how bad it is to turn a blind eye in the face of abuse and to introduce them to phone lines which they can turn to when confronting these situations. Provoking a reaction in women with respect to chauvinistic violence through the feeling of living it up close was their way of doing it.

4. They have had a past. The Foundation Abbé Pierre, from France, launched this ad to create awareness of poverty and homeless people. Under the slogan, “they also have had a past”, their ad tried to make the public realise that these people are, at the end of the day, just like anyone who has a home.

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