Emergency campaign in Indonesia


Last Friday 28th, an earthquake of magnitude 7.5 on the Richter scale followed by a violent tsunami, shook the island of Celebes, in the center of Indonesia and caused a very severe situation for its population.

One week later, the National Agency for Disaster Management of Indonesia (BNPB) has updated the balance of deaths due to the earthquake and tsunami with more than 1,500 deceaseds. In addition, there are about 800 people seriously injured in different hospital centers. The numbers of affected people are increasing and there are still a large number of isolated populations.

FAVOR_UNICEFIn front of this catastrophe, UNICEF is giving aid to affected people, with special focus on children who, after a tragedy like this, are the most vulnerable and the action that is taken after the first days is crucial for them.

For this reason, we have activated three emergency campaigns so that customers and employees of Banco Sabadell, Nicequest y PcComponentes can make a micro-donation and collaborate with the UNICEF Spanish Committee with the objective of reuniting children with their families, providing services doctors, ensure access to food, distribute water and sanitation to prevent diseases and promote the return to school as soon as possible.


All the money collected by customers and employees of Banco Sabadell, Nicequest and PcComponentes will go to the UNICEF Spanish Committee. To give some example…

  • With € 60, the entity will be able to provide drinking water to 530 children for a week.
  • With € 90 they will be able to send 3 first aid kits.
  • With € 120, they will be able to send 2 family water and hygiene kits to collect, store and treat water in an emergency situation.

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