Eradicating Noma in Diffa is closer thanks to Eva Cosmetics

Eva Cosmetics has become Worldcoo’s first sponsor. This company, who has passed Worldcoo’s ethic code, has decided to give one euro for each euro given by their customers. If you are one of their costumers, when buying through their web platform, we will find the option to give one euro to the project they have selected, in this case is the one we have in Niger, “Construction of a fenced for crops”, from Fundació Campaner. If the costumer does it, the company will double it.

Eva cosmetics takes care of the environment, as well at it’s a company who cares about health and beauty of people. They have decided to support this project because it tries to eradicate Noma, the disease against children, by building a fenced area for crops.

Worldcoo feels proud to have this dynamic and interesting company as a sponsor.

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