Support for pregnant teenagers and mothers with babies at risk of exclusion



¿Did you know that 95% of cases of young and pregnant adolescents at risk and psycho-social problems in Spain are neglected for lack of resources?

logo-eshopAfter his last project, in which they helped 90 kids in Cambodia could receive language classes and school support (you can remember it HERE) eShop Ventures users already have a new charity challenge to show, once again, their solidarity.

madrina_1Through Fundación Madrina, they will be able to improve maternal and child health and quality of young people and pregnant teenagers at risk of social exclusion. The aim is to reduce the risk of abuse and social inequality, infectious diseases and malnutrition.

With € 2.000 that users can donate since now through the different platforms that the group has basic material and basic attention will be provided to 915 babies and 740 mothers in situations of social vulnerability.

You can follow the process HERE.

Worldcoo team.

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