European Lung Cancer Week

The European Lung Cancer Week take place from 10th to 17th September for to raise awareness of the bad habits that may lead this disease, the symptoms presented by the patients and the serious consequences that entails living with the disease.

Lung Cancer is one of the most frequent cancers in the world and it has the highest mortality rate. Globally, an estimated that 1,9 million of people will have new cancer case in the year 2015 and, in Spain, this amount will be 28.300 new cases.

The main cause of this disease are both active and passive smoking, but other factors associated with lifestyle are also influential, for example, not have a balanced diet.

Smoking causes between 85% and 90% of lung cancers

Nowadays, there are not specific symptoms that indicate someone have lung cancer. For that reason, the doctors diagnose this disease when it is in advanced state and its symptoms oblige patients to visit the doctor.

The most frequent symptoms are:

–          Coughing: is the most frequent symptom.

–          Coughing up blood.

–          Dyspnea.

–          Chest pain and shortness of breath.

Lung Cancer, depending on its localization, may affect other areas of the body and this can lead to other symptoms, for example, headache o backache. Is important to know that all of these symptoms can be related with other diseases but we recommend to visit the doctor when it appears.

European Lung Cancer Week

Regarding the treatment, it is essential knowing what kind of lung cancer the patient have and which extension he has. Also is important knowing the age and the state of health of the patient. There are four basic lung cancer treatments: surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and targeted therapy.

Most people with this kind of cancer receive more than one type of treatment, unfortunately, often this is useless because, as we said before, the cancer has been detected in an advanced situation.

For that reason, the best prevention for this kind of disease is giving up smoking, trying not to be exposed to their smoke or minerals lung carcinogens and having a lifestyle with balanced diet and constant physical exercise.

We must all be aware of the seriousness of the disease and how we can avoid it before it is too late.

The Worldcoo team.

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