Eva Cosmetics, our first sponsor

Eva Cosmetics is backed by 90 years of history, guided by the constant drive in innovation and growth in hair care products, in search of cutting-edge fashion solutions and constant costumer’s satisfaction. Their mission is “to produce exclusive products with unique benefits at the same time as pushing their production model towards sustainability”.

The relation between Eva Cosmetics and Worldcoo starts with our web launching, and consists in, since the first day, Eva Cosmetics will give 1 euro for each euro given by their customers. If you are one of their costumers, when buying through their web platform, we will find the option to give one euro to the project they have selected, in this case is the one we have in Niger, “Construction of a fenced for crops”, from Fundació Campaner. If the costumer does it, the company will double it.

Worldcoo has a very specific ethic code which done with the top NGO’s support, which specifies the correct behaviour the companies needs to have for being sponsors of Wordcoo’s projects. Eva cosmetics became our first sponsors because they work in an ethically way, as well they take care of the environment.

Worldcoo feels proud to have Eva Cosmetics as a sponsor and wants to thank the company for it!

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