Financial assistance may be given to families with children with cancer


Every year more than 1.200 new cases of childhood cancer are diagnosed in Spain. Childhood tumors are the second cause of death in children under 15 years, the first are the accidents.

For all the families that have children suffering from cancer, receiving the diagnosis is devastating, but we have to add to this feeling economic, social or familiar problems that worsen circumstances of abandonment.

In 2003, a group of mothers and fathers that had child with oncologic treatment, supported by friends and their family, joined forces with the aim to cover other aggravating circumstances that can appear along to children illness and improve the conditions surrounding the child. In 2006, they were made as Fundación Caico, Ayuda y Cooperación al Cáncer Infantil.

niños con cancer

In 2007, the project “Financial assistance for families with children with cancer” was created. With a budget of 30.000 annual euros, this project consists in provide financial support to families having money problems because of their child illness. Every year, Fundación Caico give between 3 or 5 aids and the amount ranges between 400 and 1500€ depending on the needs of the family.

Our ecommerce with cause PcComponentes didn’t doubt in collaborated with Fundación Caico. Today, thanks to the solidarity of PcComponentes consumers, half of aids requested for 2015 will be cover. It means that 19 families will receive financial assistance.

With this project we have 28 projects funded!

PcComponentes is a socially engaged ecommerce that are willing to generate social impact and for this reason, PcComponentes is now collaborating with a new project: Youth project from the Association Proyecto Hombre (APH).

In the APH centers, young people and teenagers with addition problems are attended developing activities mainly focused in getting alert the teenagers about drugs effects.


The aim of this project is to work with young people that have problematic consumption behavior that can affect their future. For obtain this aim, an individual interviews with teenagers and young people, group therapy sessions and training workshop for families are carried out.

Thanks to PcComponentes consumers 47 young people from the Association Proyecto Hombre centers from Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga and Logroño will receive the necessary support to prevent consumptions.

With this project, not only 47 young people will be benefit, 90 families suffering to see their child in that situation will be indirectly benefit.

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