Food security in Mauritania


In the coming weeks, Educo will be able to distribute 50 garden kits for the population of Quiché (Guatemala), which will allow 320 people have access to a healthy and quality diet.

logo_planetahuertoThis is possible thanks to the micro-donations made by all the customers of Planeta Huerto (remember the project HERE), that right now they have just started a new challenge with the NGO Save the Children.

Mauritania suffers a major food crisis due to the recurrent droughts of recent years. 120,000 children under the age of 5 suffer from acute malnutrition and this situation is expected to worsen in 2018.

stc_logoThe objective of Planeta Huerto will be to collaborate with the entity to provide the necessary resources to those most vulnerable families, so that they can cover their food and health needs and prevent malnutrition and other diseases.


The challenge is that euro to euro, 210 households that have lost their harvests due to the drought will receive seeds so they can plant in the following season.


You can follow the donation process HERE.

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