[Funded] Plane tickets and visas for three children to spend the summer in Catalonia

We are glad to announce you that the project is now completely funded! Thanks to our very generous donors and to our sponsor Jomar Consulting, we reached the goal almost one month before the deadline.

To recap, this campaign aims to make possible that 3 children from Ghana and Nigeria, Lydia, Kobi and Belinda, can spend one summer with a catalan family. It consists on a month and a half stay in a familiar atmosphere, enjoying coexistence and creating and special tie with the hosting family. Moreover, this stay makes it possible for them to receive a healthy feeding, an adequate medical care and also a special motivation for them during the year in Africa to be good students and then culminate the year with their stay in Catalonia.

As the families will host them for free, the funds are dedicated to the plane tickets and the visas. Again, thank you very much for all the people that donated to the project and all the ones who will make it possible.

We will keep you posted soon to explain how the project will be organized.

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