This Christmas give away giggles to sick children

For a sick child the fact to have to be hospitalized cause a big change in his life. His routines and his activities are interrupted abruptly and it can cause stress and/or anxiety in the child. Furthermore, when the disease is severe and it obligate the sick child to stay long periods in the hospital, changes are more notables.

With Christmas on the way, this situation is aggravated, apart from the change in his routines, the sick child will not be able to celebrate the Christmas period surrounded by all his family and this fact can cause a sensation of loneliness, anxiety or uncertainty caused by the cold hospitable environment.

Pupaclown Association have as a main aim bring the Clown theatre to the health institutions in order to attend youth and children with psychological, therapeutically and social integration support, improving the quality of care for sick children and young people admitted in the Virgen de la Arrixaca Hospital.

Theodora Foundation features with Giggle Doctors across 8 countries around the world. Giggle Doctors visit sick children that have been hospitalized in order to cover their needs and make their situation in the hospital is more humane.

This Christmas, Pupaclown and Theodora Foundation have come together to support sick children and youth during the hospitalization process to break with the hospital routine through the magic, storytelling, music and the art of clowning, and give them a reason to smile.

It is proven that laughter helps to improve treatments because it has a significant beneficial effects on their health. These professionals always get permission from the children before approaching them and they work in coordination with doctors and nurses who also inform them whether or not to visit a particular child.

sick children

The customers of PcComponentes will be able to help give away smiles to sick children that are hospitalized in 5 Spanish hospitals. Thanks to the solidarity of Pc Componentes customers, the following aims will take place:

  • Humanizing hospital stay and reduce stress and anxiety of children who are forced to remain hospitalized by creating an atmosphere of relaxation and joy through laughter.
  • Release tension of hospitalized children and their families and mitigate the negative effects of long hospitalization.

With the help of customers of PcComponentes, 2.820 sick children will be visited once a week during 5 months in the following hospitals: Virgen de la Arrixaca (Murcia), Gregorio Marañón (Madrid) Germans Trias y Pujol (Badalona) y Marqués de Valdecilla (Santander).

This Christmas don’t hesitate, make your purchases in, add 1€ in solidarity and #givesmiles :)

The Worldcoo team.

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