Governance matters most in sustainable economic development. Ethiopia is doing well

Douglas Beal of the Boston Consulting Group and Andy Ratcliffe of the Africa Governance Initiative, share lessons in The Guardian on how developing countries are turning wealth into wellbeing for their citizens. This video talk about it, and share different examples to understand the reality of this countries and what are they politics respect the sustainable economic development.

Beal defend that there are things that can be done to improve the wellbeing of population which doesn’t required money, “it’s all related in making the right decisions”. He uses Ethiopia as an example of a government that is doing it in the right way. “Ethiopia is actually one of the countries that are the strongest in translating the improvements in their wealth into improvements in wellbeing”, Beal says. “One of the things they have really improved is healthcare and also outcomes of healthcare”. They did it focusing the improvement on what they were wrong: “rather than being reactionary to a particular disease is about getting into the communities, hider communities healthier workers to go out, explain that access to clean water can prevent diseases, uses of condoms,… and all other things that can prevent the need for greater healthcare in the future”, explains.

In their opinion, Ethiopia is very successful at doing that. It has changed in recent years and its evolution is well, but they still have lots of problems to solve. This is why the work done by NGO’s like Intermon Oxfam in there is still needed.

Source: The Guardian.

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