How important are ambassadors of peace?

As Vicent Martínez Guzmán, founder of the Master’s program says : “There is not only one way of understanding peace. There are many ways of making peace, as there are diverse people and cultures”.

Indeed, to understand and to be able to reflect about peace, a specific and strong program has to be followed. That is what the Master program of the University Jaume I provides. The faculty staff come from prestigious and internationally recognized renowned universities and institutions of peace. In this way, they promote education in Co-development, Communication of peace, Conflict, Democracy, Gender, Humanitarian aid, Human rights, Peace cultures, Peace theories, and Post colonial studies among others.

An ambassador of peace has to be a representative of his state. His mission is to disseminate informations in order to keep peace and establish good relationships with other states. But the peace knowledges are not easy to get. The program that the Peace Master UJI is trying to finance is the one which can teach these knowledges.

A student from an impoverished country needs you, because his country needs you, and because we are all concerned about the peace in the world. Donate for the Worldcoo project to engage in one of the most important causes of our beautiful world (yes it is!), or just share the project with your friends, your family, and your community!

Help us spread the peace!

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