iWith.org becomes Worldcoo’s new partner!

iWith.org is a nonprofit organization with the mission of helping NGOs in the Internet use. As well, its expert’s network is able to create and manage all Internet services from professional websites. In an everyday more digital World, be present in Internet is a must for everybody, but more for that organizations who ask for money to make possible cooperation projects. Communication must be the principal tool for these organizations to reach their target, and now it’s impossible to think about communication without having in mind the Internet and the new digital ways of being in touch.

Also, for a cowdfunding project, Internet is the main communication channel so it’s important to know how you can use it. As well, a social community is needed, and to build it, the good use of the Internet tools is a must. Communication objectives have to be identified, actions should be planned, and everything has to be carried out through the web and the social networks. This is why Worldcoo started to work in synergy with iWith.org Foundation.

iWhit.org offers advisory scholarships as a prelude to the development of a good Internet presence. Between the conditions for the granting of these scholarships, the projects submitted in Worldcoo are positively considered.

Internet is Worldcoo’s way of life, and it’s becoming to be also NGO’s way, therefore this synergy with iWith.org gives Worldcoo a huge value.

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  • Hola es la primera ocasion que entro esta web y me he
    decido a comentar. encanta este blog. Que ¿temausa?
    me gustaria poder utlizarlo para mi sitio pero no lo encuentros.
    ¿Es algún CMS como Joomla ?

    Si no molesta, no veo ningún marcador social como
    Digg creo que deberiais tener alguno. Yo recomiendo twitter dado que es facil de usar

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