5 key points when taking appropiate actions in e-commerce

In the moment when CSR is in the spotlight, the company must make the effort to rise to the challenge, which is, by having a Corporate Social Responsibility strategy which contributes to the society in which the company works in and, at the same time, contributing to the business itself.

Finding the most appropriate actions to take when investing in trying to improve the CSR area of the business, however, can result complicated at times, and for this, we have prepared some key points which can help you to produce the best strategy for your business:


1. Search within the founding values of the business. CSR would not make sense if it didn’t coincide with the essence of the business. Companies, like people, are guided by values, by worries … Recovering these values which pushed the creation of the business and basing your CSR strategy on them will be, in every case, a success.

2. Ask the team. A business is, above all, what the people make it. The worries of these people will depend on also the worries of the company. Getting to know and understanding which are the things which guide the team, and the people who will integrate them, can be the first step to define the priorities of your business in relation to CSR.

3. See what resources you have available, there are actions which can be taken with very little. Sometimes we plan huge actions which is not economically possible for the business, and other times we mistakenly close some options which could be perfectly feasible. Knowing what resources you have at your disposal will help you to define a realistic strategy: there are CSR actions for pockets of all sizes.

4. Look around you. We live in an ever-changing society, every day we face new objectives, and social challenges which we should not turn our back on. Being informed of what is happening around us is fundamental to creating realistic actions which are in line with what is really needed around us.

5. Find a way to involve your clients/users. CSR of course concerns the business, but not only the business, but its public as well. Understanding that they also have their concerns and letting them participate accordingly to help the business will always be a good strategy.

Worldcoo Team.

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