#NewProject ZACARIS & Foundation “Surt” and the women at risk of exclusion


Zacaris.com, the e-commerce leader in online shoe sales, has a change of project and over the coming months will help the Surt Foundation raise funds for the program ´Open Doors´ with all the donations made with our solidarity widget during the process of buying. The ´Open Doors´ Project is a tool for women who have lost their support networks and are in a helpless situation. It offers a program of social care and empowerment of women in poverty by which their basic needs (food, clothing, housing, etc.) are covered and in turn, they receive the tools needed to be independent ( empowerment groups, job counseling, training etc.).

Surt Foundation supports gender equality
This Foundation has been working since 1993 to facilitate the process of integration of women into the job market, especially those who, for reasons of a social, cultural and personal context, are in situations of vulnerability. SURT is a transformative project, committed to women in the hope to build a society with gender equality in the economic, social and cultural sector. To achieve this, they work on different areas, promoting fair employment conditions and a non-discriminative workforce; generating knowledge and raising awareness regarding discrimination based on sex, which affects the social, economic and labor market participation of women, especially in the professional field; and to take action to promote respect for cultural diversity and defense of the rights of citizenship for women.


Zacaris.com Challenge: Help 32 women and their families.
The goal is to raise € 800 to provide social care and support to 32 women and their families, totaling 150 people. Thanks to @ Zacaris.com for being a committed #ecommerce and use our widget solidarity grants to fund high impact social projects like this.


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