#NewProject Mequedouno & ACNUR; Hungry help in Africa.

Mequedouno sponsors the project Hungry help in Africa to improve nutrition and food security for african refugees.

Currently 1,2 millions of african refugees have serious hunger problems. Nearly 800,000 refugees are suffering cuts of up to 60 per cent in the daily food rations and, till mid-June, one third of all African refugees dependent on food assistance had been affected by ration cuts.


The project lead by ACNUR consist in increasing food rations of refugee families and identifying and treating malnutrition in children under 5 through performing medical examinations and providing therapeutic feeding to babies and children.

Thanks to the solidarity of Mequedouno users, 66 babies and children will receive during a month a therapeutic diet to combat severe malnutrition.

Thanks to Mequedouno for being an e-commerce with cause, and contribute to face chronic hunger by providing food to refugees to be healthy and to build their own futures.


Together we can do big things!

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