#NewProject PcComponentes & Fundación Caíco; Financial assistance for families with children with cancer.

This spring Pccomponentes and its users will contribute to the Project Financial assistance for families with children with cancer from Caico Foundation to help those families who are in this hard situation.

Childhood cancer includes those tumours diagnosed in children and adolescents below 15 yea rs of age. Today, childhood tumours are becoming more important every day in pediatric pathology. The chance of developing cancer before 15 in Spain is 0.29 in boys and 0.23 for girls, according to data provided by the Foundation. Every year more than 1,200 new cases are diagnosed in Spain.

Childhood tumours differ in many aspects of tumours of adults, from the histological patterns, the anatomical site where you develop or epidemiological, clinical, therapeutic and prognostic aspects. While advances in treatment have increased the survival rate for many childhood cancers, the disease is still the second leading cause of death (following accidents) in children ages 0-14.


Thanks to all over 50,000 people that help us making possible these projects.

The Worldcoo Team.

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