#Newproject PcComponentes&UNICEF: Help the Nepal earthquake victims

The 7.9 magnitude Nepal earthquake on 25 April caused a devastation across Katmandú and touched off avalanches on Mount Everest. More than 8.000 people have been injured and more than 4.000 have died.

Thousands of people remain in the streets or in some of the 15 camps enabled by Katmandú government. Therefore, Nepal government has asked for international assistance.


Nearly 3 million children require urgent humanitarian assistance and UNICEF is mobilizing staff and emergency supplies to meet the urgent humanitarian needs, focusing on water and sanitation; nutrition, education and child protection.

Before that situation, PcComponentes want to collaborate with UNICEF and, during two weeks, their users will have the opportunity to help the children that were affected by the earthquake.


With 4.000€ UNICEF will be able to provide 34.800 children drinking water for a week, avoiding deadly diseases and/or send 160 first aid kids, essential to save the injured children life.

The project which was in progress will be re-activated when the emergency campaign ends.

Thanks to PcComponentes again to be an ecommerce with cause and thanks for your help in this emergency situation.

Together we can do big things!

The Worldcoo team.


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