#Newsponsor & #Newproject: redcoon.es & School Lunchroom Program

It is September and our special “Back to school” comes with a new sponsor redcoon.es and a new project Educo.org: School Lunchroom Program which is to raise money to fund dining rooms for less established schools, in areas of need,  throughout Spain.
Startling data indicates that every three minutes in Spain, a child falls into the risk of poverty. 1 out of every 4 children (200.000) is malnourished and does not receive even one balanced meal a day.
Educo.org focuses its activity on children and their right to receive a qualified education. The School Lunchroom Program has identified the most vulnerable families in Spain who have difficulties providing their children with a proper diet and who are not eligible for government lunchroom subsidies.
redcoon.es and its users, an online specialist company dedicated to online sales of appliances, photography, electronics and computers will be supporting the cause and donating 1 euro for every purchase made on their website. The program will help children from more than 20 schools across Spain. With 3.500 € of funding, Educo will be able to provide  1400 meals that will benefit lots of children and their families.
Thanks for joining the Worldcoo community and welcome. Redcoon.es joins the list of socially responsible e-commerce’s that bind our commitment to generate more of a positive social impact  together. For this, we are proud of them!

Together, we can do great things!

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