Ocular hygiene in Mozambique

The vast majority of eye diseases could be treated simply by the knowledge and skills of a trained Ophthalmologist. In fact, most of them are easily cured in Europe, but in Mozambique they become chronic due to the lack of available professionals.

With this Worldcoo project, the NGO Ocularis aims to help more than 500.000 people who face eye problems in Mozambique. 50% of the cases of child blindness could be easily prevented by a minimum healthcare.

The money raised will allow to send 4 professional specialist doctors in order to dispense training courses to 7 local ophthalmologists and 30 technicians. The final objective is simple, make a campaign for local nurses to be able to take care of the eye hygiene (having a good habits would remove half of the eye disease of children.), and help to achieve the most delicate surgery operations.

The problem has been clearly identified, the solution is simple, they just need to raise 6.400€ to make it happens. Donate for the project and spread the word!

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