One week left for #GivingTuesday!

Giving Tuesday Stacked with DateOnce again, this year we join the celebration of #GivingTuesday, a day dedicated to solidarity which was born as an alternative to Black Friday or Cyber Monday, where people spend lot of money to buy presents.

Next Tuesday 27, we will celebrate this date with many of the “Companies with a cause” that collaborate with us. The objective it to create awareness of the importance of collaborating, helping and sharing with those who need it most.

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Ticketmaster, Planeta Huerto, Maxcolchón, Nicequest, Promofarma, Uvinum, Santa Fixie, Zacaris, Decántalo, Sprinter and MeQuedoUno are some of the companies that use some of our fundraising channels to help social organizations to carry out their projects. During the next Tuesday, all of them will help to give visibility to the small actions that we can do in our day to day and that can help so many people.

And you, do you know how you will collaborate?


Worldcoo Team 

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