2 million donations made though Worldcoo!
Ticketmaster with the rescue and assistance to marine fauna
¡bonÀrea joins our Social Round Up!
Sanchez Romero offers Social Round Up in favor of Acción Contra el Hambre
Social Round Up in Condis Supermarkets
Education for children in India
Job placement for young people at risk of social exclusion
Education for young people
“Kiciclos” at hospitals
Conservation of chimpanzees and biodiversity in Senegal

2 million donations made though Worldcoo!


2MWe are proud to announce that this year we have already reached more than 2 million donations made through some of the different fundraising channels that we have for all the on and off line companies who collaborate with us.

Aladina Foundation, Saniclown, Educo or Adsis are some of the latest organizations that have been beneficiaries from the different fundraising campaigns companies such as Ticketmaster, Condis, Hawkers or Bonpreu i Esclat have carried out.

The good reception that our Social Round Up channel have had, has been a key aspect to achieve these results. As you know, the tool allows to round up the total amount of our purchase and donate the cents to a social cause in an easy, transparent and effective manner.

Cent to cent, together, we have achieved this result that will contribute to help those who need it the most.

THANK YOU everyone for making it possible!



Worldcoo Team

Ticketmaster with the rescue and assistance to marine fauna


We’re super happy to announce a new collaboration with CRAM Foundation (Foundation to the Conservation and Recuperation of marina fauna)!

logo-cram-certificado-donacionCRAM Foundation is an organization dedicated to the protection of the marine environment and the species that inhabit it. To the foundation’s actions belong the clinic and rescue of marine fauna, the research and conservation of marine species and ecosystems, and the awareness in favor of the conservation of our seas and oceans.

The CRAM has prepared a recovery center especially for assistance to marine species. It also owns a scientific sailboat dedicated to the exploration of the marine environment. Their job contributes to increase the chances of survival of the threatened marine species that appear on the Catalan coast.

This is the first time that we collaborate with them and, for this, we couldn’t have chosen a better partner: Ticketmaster.

Coinciding with the International Environment Day (June 5) and with the International Oceans Day (June 8), during all this month, the customers of Ticketmaster who want, will have the chance to contribute to this social cause together with CRAM Foundation with the main aim of rescuing turtles, dolphins, seabirds and other sea animals.


As you know, in order to collaborate, the customers of Ticketmaster just have to add €1 for charity in their purchase and continue with the usual payment process.


If you want, you can get more information about this project HERE.

Worldcoo Team

¡bonÀrea joins our Social Round Up!

logo_bonareaCoinciding with the Multiple Sclerosis World Day, which takes place today, we’re proud to announce that we have recently signed a new collaboration agreement with bonÀrea.

Starting this week, their customers will have the opportunity to round up the total amount of their purchase and collaborate to support people who have multiple sclerosis, a neurodegenerative disease that affects more than 2,5 million people in the world.

The new mechanism, which is already working in some establishments, will be implemented progressively during June in all bonÀrea supermarkets.

El project: support for people with Multiple Sclerosis

Among others, one of the consequences of people who are diagnosed with this disease, is the progressive loss of abilities to carry out different day-to-day functions on their own, such as dressing or walking.

The full amount raised through the Social Round Up will help people with MS to participate in therapies and neurorehabilitation sessions that help them to reduce the impact of the disease and guarantee their personal autonomy.


The project will be carried out through the different organizations that work for people with Multiple Sclerosis in each region where bonÀrea has establishments, such as the Fundació Esclerosi Múltiple in Catalonia, the Aragonese Foundation of EM, EM Navarra, the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation Madrid, the Association of the Valencian Community of EM and the Riojana Association of EM.


To participate, anyone who wants can click on the green button when the dataphone asks them, automatically, if they want to round up their purchase for social purposes and continue with the usual payment process.

Through the portal https://bonarea.worldcoo.com  you can get more information on each of the projects that will help to fund.


Worldcoo Team

Sanchez Romero offers Social Round Up in favor of Acción Contra el Hambre

Their customers can collaborate to improve the nutrition of the rural population in Peru

logo_sr_solidarioSince now, the customers of Sanchez Romero Supermarket have had the opportunity to collaborate with Saniclown, Down Madrid and CRIS Cáncer. In total, they’ve raised more than €16,000 through the micro-donations done y rounding up their purchase.

From now on, the social organization which will receive the funds is Acción Contra el Hambre.

The project: Improve the nutrition in rural zones in Peru

In Peru, nearly 50% of children have anemia, one of the most silence signs of malnutrition and a health problem that affects the proper development of children.

Acción_contra_el_Hambre_PNGWith the aim of reducing this health problem, Acción Contra el Hambre carries out community work to implement activities for the prevention and control of this health situation, especially among the most vulnerable groups. In parallel, the entity carries out actions to promote ancestral techniques that improve the availability and access of iron-rich foods in the home.




Now, the customers of Sanchez Romero can round up their purchase and contribute to reduce the anemia of the children in the Region of Huamanguilla, in Perú.

In https://sanchez-romero.worldcoo.com/es/ you will find more information about this campaign and the other ones that Sanchez Romero have collaborated with through the Social Round Up.

Worldcoo Team

Social Round Up in Condis Supermarkets

The customers of Condis can round up their purchase and collaborate with Ayuda en Acción


Condis Supermarket launches this week its third charity campaign through the Social Round Up leaded by Worldcoo.

It means that everyone who pays with card, will have the opportunity to round up their ticket and donate the cents to, in this case, Ayuda en Acción.

The objective: support school reinforcement to minors at risk of social exclusion

logo_ayudaDid you know that in Spain the 31% of population under 16 is at risk of poverty and social exclusion? In order to prevent situations of poverty and inequality, the NGO Ayuda en Acción offers help to vulnerable families so that children and young people can have the same basic skills and education opportunities.

Through this campaign, the customers of Condis will be able to contribute with the institution in order that they can offer scholarships for school supplies, educational reinforcement activities and psychosocial support for children and young people at risk of social exclusion.

The social Round Up in Condis Supermarkets

logo-condisCent to cent, the customers of Condis have had the opportunity to show their social commitment and collaborate with Fundació Arrels, Educo and the Spanish Federation of Rare Disease. This is the third campaign that they launch through the Social Round Up.

If you want, you can have more information about this and the other funded projects HERE.

Worldcoo Team

Education for children in India

Hawkers starts a new fundraising campaign in favor of Mumbai Smiles

Bombay has 20 million population; 60% of them reside in conditions of absolute unhealthiness and poverty in the extensive and numerous slums. 2.4 million are children without schooling and 1.1 million are working minors.

mumbaiEntities such as Mumbai Smiles contribute to eradicate this situation through education, especially of the little ones. The entity currently manages 13 kindergartens in precarious settlements (Kamathipura, Khetwadi, Ghatkopar, Govandi and Deonar), which allow 260 children to attend school.

Each kindergarten has a teacher and an assistant who educate the children from 9:00 to 12:00 noon, from Monday to Friday. Sometimes the fathers and mothers of these children don’t have the opportunities to offer them better care, so kindergartens often represent a home outside the home for the children.

This is the case of Dipali, Anjali and Meenakshi, three sisters of 4, 3 and 2 years old who are part of the Govandi kindergarten. His parents work in construction and, like many others, don’t have time to take care of their daughters. When the Bombay Smiles team contacted them, the girls’ live changed completely.

Govandi case

Until then, they didn’t know routines or schedules, and lunchtime never arrived. Through the entity came the opportunity to go to school and, with it, the possibility of acquiring the appropriate knowledge for their age, receive care and participate in the nutrition program.

Today, girls go to kindergarten every day, smile more and roam less. They are growing and learning fast.

The commitment of Hawkers

hawkersFrom today, all customers of Hawkers who wish, have the opportunity to add 1 € solidarity to their basket and collaborate with the entity in order to school those children / as 2 to 6 years, several of the slums and most depressed neighborhoods of Bombay to prevent them from falling into exploitation networks and expand their opportunities in the future.

How to collaborate

Once you have selected the product (s) you wish to purchase, go to a shopping cart. On the back, click on the option “add 1 € solidarity to my purchase” and continue with the usual purchase process.

You can follow the state of collection live through this link.


Equipo Worldcoo

Job placement for young people at risk of social exclusion


This May, the customers of Ticketmaster  can add €1 for charity and collaborate with Adsis Foundation

2 out of 5 young people under 25 years of age do not have a job. This implies a youth unemployment rate of 33.4% compared to 15.3% in the EU (INE, 4Q 2018 and Eurostat, Oct 2018).

88W4qVTz_400x400In front of this situation, the Adsis Foundation works to reduce the levels of inequality and offer adolescents and young people with employment difficulties the resources to get out of situations of social exclusion.  

Young people are treated in a comprehensive and global manner, making them protagonists of their growth process, helping them to define their educational, work and social itinerary and focusing on those aspects in which they present the greatest difficulties.

Through this project, the customers of Ticketmaster will collaborate with the organization and it will provide cooking skills to young people from different provinces of Spain such as Barcelona, Canary Islands, Madrid and Guipúzcoa.

logo_ticketmasterYoung people will be trained with technical and transversal competences and skills so that they can enter the workplace with greater security and with tools that are useful for them to deal with selection processes or conflicts that may arise in the workplace.

Click HERE to get more information about the project.

Worldcoo Team

Education for young people


In line with the Labour Day, the different small ecommerce that collaborate with us through the charity widget, start today a new challenge in order to support the access to education for young people.

Did you know that in Spain, 32% of young people are excluded from the state scholarship system, between 40% -50% fail in the medium-level formal education cycles and 32% do not have a high school diploma?

Many students can’t continue with their formal education for economic reasons and many of those who start drop out due to lack of personal support

logo_impulsaIn front of this situation, organizations such as Fundación Impulsa work in order that all students have the same opportunities of studies.

Impulsa wants to give them the opportunity to achieve it, preventing their economic and social situation from being a barrier. They assist the young people transversally through the foundation’s scholarships by providing new professional opportunities to which they could not have had access.

With more than 100 successful cases, Impulsa has achieved that 95% of the scholarship students finish their studies. Sixty-two percent of them continue their studies at a higher level than at the end of Vocational Training. And 71% of young people get a job when they finish their studies.


Through this campaign, young studies with socio economic difficulties will have the opportunity to continue their studies.

We remind you that, if you want, you can have more information and follow the fundraising status HERE.

Worldcoo Team

“Kiciclos” at hospitals

The customers of Santa Fixie Group collaborate with Juegaterapia


Playing brings great benefits in children who are hospitalized during long periods. It generates a different atmosphere with positive emotions and help them to escape from stress and anxiety.

logo_SFThe customers of Santa Fixie start today a new challenge and, for the first time, they do it together with Fundación Juegaterapia, an institution which was born in 2010 with the mission to brighten the lives of hospitalized children. They work so that every day all children with cancer just think about doing what any other child: play!

Everybody who wants to collaborate, they can add €1 to their purchase and help Juegaterapia to buy new “kiciclos”.

What is this?

logo_juegaterapiaThe “kiciclos” are tricycles with a built-in carrier so that the little ones can run around the hospital while they receive their chemotherapy sessions. The children will be able to carry out dizzying careers with their friends at the hospital while receiving the treatment.

Thanks of this, children at hospitals will be able to reduce the anguish that comes with receiving chemo-therapy sessions through play. Through the “kiciclos”, they will receive chemo while running around the hospital with these funny tricycles.


If you want, you can get more information about the campaign and check out the current fundraising status by clicking THIS LINK.

Worldcoo Team

Conservation of chimpanzees and biodiversity in Senegal


Did you know that the chimpanzee of West Africa is at risk of extinction? In Senegal, it is estimated that its population is about 500 individuals.

planeta huertoAfter raising the necessary funds to facilitate the access to drinking water in Tanzania (you can remember the project here), now the customers of Planeta Huerto can add €1 for charity and collaborate with the Jane Goodall Institute.

The new project, which they have recently started, has the objective to establish and implement protection measures that help to protect 3 communities of chimpanzees of a subspecies in critical state of extinction. Deforestation and habitat fragmentation due to human activities are the main factors that threaten their disappearance.

LOGO_03 vertical pngSince 2009 the Jane Goodall Institute has developed conservation and investigation programs for wild chimpanzees in the Dindéfélo Community Natural Reserve (southern Senegal), as well as sustainable development projects and environmental education with local communities.

All the clients of Planeta Huerto that collaborate with the campaign, will contribute in the protection of the habitat of the chimpanzee through the accomplishment and implementation of a plan of the protection of the habitat, such as the creation of firebreaks and the sensitization of the local population.

You can have more information about the project and the raising process HERE.

Worldcoo Team

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