Sports grants for children with cancer
Planeta Huerto collaborates to provide drinking water in Tanzania
Sanchez Romero offers the “Social Round Up” at their establishments!
We start a new collaboration with Hawkers!
Ticketmaster against child malnutrition
Querol’s customers can Round Up their ticket and collaborate to social causes!
Ticketmaster against AIDS
Today is Giving Tuesday!
Viena launches the Social Round Up!
Aclaração para ONG brasileiras

Sports grants for children with cancer


Unfortunately, 1,400 new cases of childhood cancer are diagnosed each year.

The practice of physical exercise helps children with cancer to be more tolerant to treatments and helps to alleviate the side effects of these. It increases the muscular strength of children, decreases the systematic inflammatory levels and improves the immune function, reducing fatigue.

aladina_noticiaThat is why the Aladina Foundation has launched the Aladina Sports Scholarships for children with cancer and families. Through this initiative, the entity can favor specialized physical exercise therapies for children and adolescents with cancer.

logo-sprinterAfter collecting the necessary amount so that 20 students can participate in activities where Ayuda en Acción promotes gender equality and opportunities (you can remember the project HERE), now Sprinter customers start a new project to promote the practice of physical exercise between children and adolescents.




Thanks to the contribution of Sprinter, 10 children with cancer will be able to participate in these specialized physical therapy therapies for a month.

The total amount collected will go entirely to the entity, who can perform specialized physical therapy therapies for a month.

Remember that, if you want, you can get more information and know in which state this project is found HERE.

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Planeta Huerto collaborates to provide drinking water in Tanzania


Did you know that 65% of the population of Tanzania lives in poverty? The lack of access to clean water causes serious health problems, especially in rural areas, and is one of the main direct causes of childhood mortality.

planeta huertoIn line with its commitment to the environment and those social causes that need it most, the customers of Planeta Huerto have started a new challenge in order to raise the amount necessary to build three water wells that will provide access to drinking water for the population of the community of Kizerui, about 1,200 people

logo_ongawaFor this, they count on the job that Ongawa develops, an NGO whose mission is to put technology at the service of human development to build a more just and supportive society.

ONGAWA works so that rural areas of southern countries have access to water and sanitation, guaranteeing their sustainability through the strengthening of the capacities of public and community organizations.


All the funds collected will go entirely to this organization so that they can guarantee the access to water in these communities.

If you would like to have more information about the project and the donation status  click here.


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Sanchez Romero offers the “Social Round Up” at their establishments!

The revolution of the “Supermarkets with a cause” has just started. Each time, there are more and more supermarkets that offer their customers the possibility of rounding up the final amount of their purchase anddonate the cents to contribute with a social cause.

Most of time, for us, three cents don’t mean anything; but the sum of these few cents can help change the lives of thousands of people.


logosrThe last company to offer this option is Sanchez Romero, a gourmet supermarket that has ten physical stores and an online store located in Madrid.

Under the “Sanchez Romero Solidario” campaign, the brand offers its clients the possibility of collaborating with different social causes with a direct impact on the Community of Madrid.

logo_crisThe first of these is Cris Contra el Cáncer, an organization born with the aim of financing research projects for the treatment and cure of cancer. Specifically, the clients of Sanchez Romero will collaborate so that the entity has the necessary economic resources to develop a new treatment that improves the survival rate of breast cancer, the most frequent tumor among women.  

Customers can have more information about the project and the fundraising campaign through this link: https://sanchez-romero.worldcoo.com/es/

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We start a new collaboration with Hawkers!

logo_hawkersWe have started the New Year with lots of good news! The first one is that Hawkers, the most famous online sun glasses brand that we know, has joined Worldcoo’s community! :)

So, if you’re thinking in buying a new glasses there, you’ll see that the company has included our charity widget at the end of their payment process.

logo_unoentrecienmilIt means that, from now on, Hawkers’ customers have the option to add1€ to their shopping basket and collaborate with the campaign  #FuckLeucemia, an iniciative created by Hawkers and Unoentrecienmil Foundation in order to fight against childhood leukemia.

How it works?

Once you have selected the product(s) you want to acquire, go to your shopping basket. You will see that under the selected product, you have the option to add 1 € solidarity to your purchase. If you wish to collaborate, click on the box and continue with the usual purchase process.


About the project

The campaign has an exceptional ambassador:  Julione, a graffiti artist of only 12 years of age who fights like a true hero against leukemia.





In Spain, 300 new cases of childhood leukemia are detected every year, almost one per day. Among others, the Fundación Unoentrecienmil periodically awards Research Grants so that renowned researchers in the country can investigate and end this disease.

The full amount collected by Hawkers clients will be used to support one of these Research Grants.

Through THIS LINK you can follow the donation process.

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Ticketmaster against child malnutrition


We have started a new year full of new social projects in which the customers of Ticketmaster will have the opportunity to collaborate each time they buy a new ticket.

As you know, through the “Charity Euro” campaign, Ticketmaster allows their customers to add €1 (or more) to their bill and contribute to multiple causes.

In 2018, the company raised more than €70.000 destinated to 12 NGO and, in total, they helped 11.300 around the world. All of that, through micro-donations!

The first challenge of 2019

logo-vector-medicos-sin-fronterasThe first challenge in which they will collaborate will be the fight against child malnutrition in Borno State, in the North of Nigeria.  It is an area that, from many years ago, suffers the consequences of violence and the lack of food provision. In fact, close to 80% of the country’s internally displaced people are there.

The objective of Ticketmaster is to facilitate the nutritional and therapeutically treatment to 204 children who suffer from malnutrition in order to reduce child mortality and morbidity. They count on the job that Doctors without borders  develops there to achieve it. They are a medical-humanitarian organization that assists people threatened by armed conflicts, violence, epidemics or forgotten diseases, natural disasters or exclusion of medical attention.

How to collaborate

Remember that, if you want to collaborate, you just have to add the total amount you wish to donate in “Add €1 for charity in your ticket” and continue with the usual process.


You will have access to more information about this project and being able to follow the donation process HERE.

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Querol’s customers can Round Up their ticket and collaborate to social causes!

querolThe customers of Zapaterías Querol can now round up the final amount of their purchase and donate their cents to the NGO Manos Unidas in order to improve primary education and the access to water in Kiri, a small village in Burkina Faso.

manos unidasAs you know, The Social Round Up is our new fundraising channel that allows us to donate a few cents when paying by card in physical establishments and that have already implemented companies such as Condis Supermarkets or the Viena restaurants.

Improving primary education and access to water in Kiri, Burkina Faso

The total amount that the customers of Querol collect in their nearly 40 stores will go entirely to the NGO Manos Unidas, a Spanish entity that works in close collaboration with the countries of the South. Its mission is to fight against hunger, underdevelopment and lack of education of the peoples of the South, as well as to work to eradicate the structural causes that produce them.

mans unides-burkina faso

Children in Kiri


Through the financing of this project, 430 children from Kiri (a small village in Burkina Faso) will be able to go to school and the 1,290 inhabitants of the town will have access to drinking water.

And you, do you have a comercial establishment and would like to offer the Social Round Up in your establishments? Contact us through contact@worldcoo.com and we will give you all the details.   

Would you like to know more about the Mans Unides project and follow the fundraising status? Click HERE.


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Ticketmaster against AIDS


The company collaborates with the fight against this disease in Africa

Coinciding with the International AIDS day, the social cause that Ticketmaster supports this December is the fight against AIDS, a disease that, unfortunately, is still very stigmatized and affects more than 35 million people all over the world.

logo_enThe Fight AIDS Foundation and the Carmelo Hospital have started a new program called “Phambene!” (which means “go ahead”) in Xhosa in order to fight, in a long term and in a sustainable and respectful way, the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa.

The objective is to train doctors and laboratory personnel at the Carmelo Hospital and implement the laboratory technology required for the diagnosis of HIV. In parallel, the project will be used to obtain data on the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Mozambique and will be useful for the design of public health policies.

How can I collaborate?

Do you plan to buy a ticket for a concert, theater or sporting event in the coming days? If you do it through Ticketmaster, when you pay for the purchase you have made, you will have the opportunity to add a solidary euro to your basket and collaborate with the Fight AIDS Foundation.

We remind you that you can follow the donation process and have more information about the campaign through this link.

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Today is Giving Tuesday!

The wait is over! Today we celebrate #GivingTuesday, a day dedicated to donate, share and help those who need the most.  As you know, it is an iniciative that was born as an alternative to the famous Black Friday or Cyber Monday, days in which the massive purchase of gifts is promoted.

Giving Tuesday Stacked with Date

#GT HeartMany of the “Companies with a cause” that works with us join this movement today and promote the solidarity of all their customers. Ticketmaster, Planeta Huerto, Maxcolchón, Nicequest, Promofarma, Uvinum, Santa Fixie, Zacaris, DecántaloSprinter and MeQuedoUno carry out special actions in order to raise awareness about the small actions that we can do in our day to day in order to cooperate to social causes.


Our III Volunteer Day 

Coinciding with this date, the employees of Worldcoo will carry out our III Volunteer Day and this Friday we will collaborate with “Arrels Foundation” to help them to make the crafts that they prepare for this Christmas.

Equipo Worldcoo

Viena launches the Social Round Up!


logo-fpm-slogan-rgb-enThrough the campaign “Building memory, cent by cent”, the company invites all their customers who pay with credit card, to round up the total of their bill and donate the cents to Pasqual Maragall Foundation. The objective? To cooperate with the entity to facilitate the scientific research in the field of Alzheimer’s disease.

The Alzheimer is a disease which affects 1 in 10 people over 65 years. Through the Social Round Up, Viena will collaborate with the new  Clinical Research Unit for the Prevention of Dementia, run by the Barcelonaβeta Brain Research Center (BBRC), which studies the risk of developing dementia within five years in people strongly at risk of suffering from the disease.

Viena is the first restoration company in Spain that offers our new fundraising system and, in less than one week, their customers have already collected more than € 6,000!

Moreover, Viena have had the occasion to talk with Cristina Maragall, the spokesperson of the Foundation, with the aim of knowing a little bit more about the history of the entity, which this year celebrates its tenth anniversary. We invite you to visit its blog and read the full interview here.

The customers of Viena can have access to more information about the project, make a micro-donation, know the fundraising status or obtain their donation certificate through this link.

And you, do you have a retailer and would like to offer the Social Round Up in your establishments? Contact us through contact@worldcoo.com and we will give you all the details.   

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