Preservation of the last mature forests of the Mediterranean

The last April we informed you about a new project of Uvinum and Acció Natura that had the aim to preserve the last existing mature forests in Spain.

According to Compensa Natura, a mature forest is a forest with none or very little human intervention, which has evolved naturally over decades, or even centuries, until it has developed into a unique and singular indicator of what nature is able to generate in a specific ecosystem. The preservation of mature forest is key to protect biodiversity, especially to protect many animals that are endangered.

For more than 20 months, Acció Natura is collaborating with the “Selvans Program” to preserve the last mature forests remaining in Spain. With this project Alma Natura wants to help to preserve the last existing mature forests in Spain through its purchase or through the purchase of its stumpage trees to 25 years in order to avoid that forest and trees which are centennials with a unique and irreplaceable habitat for their countless species of flora and fauna.

Every year, the world lose 20,000 hectares of forest and, with them, their capacity to house an extraordinary biodiversity, mitigate climate change, cover the water cycle and maintain the ecological process. For this reason, Uvinum didn’t hesitate and decided to collaborate with Accio Natura to preserve the last mature forests through the stumpage acquisition (25 years) aimed at the possible maximum number of forests.


According to a University of Girona study, mature trees emit substances to the air that are beneficial to our health. Thanks to the solidarity of the customers of Uvinum, 7,895m2 of mature forest will be preserved and, at the same time, the biodiversity of the area will remain intact and we will continue to benefit from the substances emitted by the trees there are in the mature forests.

The Worldcoo team.

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