Preservation of old growth forest in the Mediterranean region

From April, Uvinum’s customers have the possibility to add in their purchases one solidary euro to help to protect old growth forest in the Mediterranean region.

After 4 month from the beginning of the project, we show you an infographic about the current project status. In conclusion, we can say that, until now, 695 customers have made a donation and we have raised 46% of the project.

Preservation of old growth forest in the Mediterranean region

According to Compensa Natura, an old growth forest is a forest with none or very little human intervention, which has evolved naturally over decades, or even centuries, until it has developed into a unique and singular indicator of what nature is able to generate in a specific ecosystem. The preservation of old growth forest is key to protect biodiversity, especially to protect many animals that are endangered.

For example, in Catalonia, there are less than 207 old growth forest, which represent only a 0,17% of its wooded area. For that, Acció Natura, in collaboration with “Selvans Program”, have the aim to preserve the last remaining old growth forest in Spain.

With your help 7.895m2 of old growth forest will be preserved and, at the same time, the biodiversity of the area will remain intact. Another reason to protect the old growth forest is that, according to a University of Girona study, the old trees emit substances to the air that are beneficial to our health.

Don’t hesitate, go to the Uvinum website, choose between all the wine, beers, distillates, wine accessories and gourmet products that they offer and, before finish your purchase, add a solidary euro to preserve the few old growth forest that are in Spain.

If you want more information about the project, click here.

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