Preventing Noma is a must, but, what happens with ill children?

Fundació Campaner’s first priority is to prevent Noma. As we have already explained here, the project: the fenced area for crops construction is a fundamental goal to avoid malnutrition in Diffa, one of the principal causes of the disease.

The WHO (World Health Oraganization) estimates that 140,000 new cases of Noma occur each year and of these, only 10% survive. That means that 126,000 die each year, mainly in sub-Saharan countries from Senegal to Ethiopia, a region known as “the Noma belt”.

Thus, the prevention is fundamental, but there are also lots of children infected who need to be treated. Its treatment is very easy and cheap: if the condition is detected in the early stage, progression can be prevented with only the use of mild antibiotics and immediate nutritional rehabilitation. Fundació Campaner is also aware of this, and they have decided to start the construction of a hospital in Diffa, Niger. Fundació Campaner wants to make everybody part of it, feeling complicit with the sick and underprivileged children assistance in the country.

Worldcoo gives its full support to this foundation and its projects, because we believe we can change Diffa’s children reality.

They are not guilty of their situation. They all deserve something better and you can change it. It’s up to you. Are you in?

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